Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pick and Choose

I know I should feel victory,
Because you said that I won.
But if this is what winning is,
It's no fun. It's no fun.

I watch you walk out the door,
I've got so much more to say, so much more.
But sometimes time slips away,
And the charred ropes slowly fray.

Sometimes when you win, you lose.
So pick and choose, pick and choose.
Pick and Choose,
Pick and Choose.
You didn't offer me your wings,
So I sat by myself on that squeaky swing.
I learned to fly all on my own,
But I think I've grown. I think I've grown.
Hands hold much more than hearts,
They hold courage too.
One of my bravest moments I pride myself in,
Was letting go of you.
Sometimes when you win, you lose.
So pick and choose, pick and choose.
Pick and Choose,
Pick and Choose.

So those words up above?
I wrote them.
They were in my head so I wrote them down.
Also, if you've been a long time follower of mine, you might remember that back in my older posts I used to post pictures and write captions or my thoughts about them or some of them. Well, sometimes I still feel like doing that. With these photos, I had some thoughts about them. But I've decided that sometimes the pictures have a voice of their own to be heard by each indivual person who sees them. I think the way it inspires people can be different in each person's heart. So, though I have much to say and much love for each photo I post, I'll let you have your own thoughts about them and keep quiet about mine. I want you to have your own opinions. :)
Love is funny because so many people write about love. They portray and characterize it in so many ways but still someone else can come up with a brand new and original way to characterize and portray it. But then again it's probably not all that orginal is it? Someone somewhere someday at some time probably has already done that and phrased it that way. Or in a similar way. There are so many songs and poems about love. They are always so different and so similar. And everybody gets it, but they also don't get it. Because love is so hard to get. I guess all we can get or grasp is the concept of it. But wrapping our hearts around the entirety of it, the vastness of it, the extent of it, that's a whole 'nother story.
I made Pumpkin Spice cookies with my friend yesterday, and it was delicious.
I wish I had more time to set aside for baking, watching more movies, and running.
I'd like to go to bed earlier and get up at sunrise to run.
But I know that won't happen.
I also wish it was colder here so I could get more jazzed about being outdoors more.
And today I'm getting a flu shot and that's about all that is going on.
Exciting, I know.
I am still in a pleasant mood though.
I really like when I get into creative and thinkative modes.
Whats on your mind today?


  1. Beautiful words. When i read your posts i always get to thinkin'- i like that about you! Thanks for always sparking some sort of inspiration in me, xo

  2. Dude, this post is sick! :) I love the poem; the repetition is perfect. And yay, cookies! Someday when we are both married we should a have a fall dinner with your kids and your hubby and my kids and my hubby and it will be full of cookies and lattes and awesomeness. Deal? haha.

  3. So much fun and inspiration. I love your style and I love your words. And I agree... the repetition was perfection.

  4. I love this! :) That free-verse poem was very heart-focused and real. Your blog is one of my very favorites now! :)

    May Jesus bless your day!

  5. You have a good ear for poetry. :) I tend to stumble over words when I try to explain how I feel about something that's dear to me, so usually just keep that to myself. :)

    I love your blog, just thought I'd let you know that.

    God bless

  6. You are so very right!
    Love is hard to get. Beautiful words and beautiful photos. :P

  7. "And everybody gets it, but they also don't get it." So true, and alot of things are like it's a very good thing that we know the best teacher of love: God.
    I like the "relax" picture best, they really got the point across well. =)
    And, btw, I don't know about everyone else...but I would like to hear what you liked about each picture sometimes. =D


  8. Lovelylovely poem. I like it. A lot.

  9. Hello, dear!
    Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog. :) They are such a joy to read!!

    The pictures you were referred to were taken in Missouri, actually. It was a beautiful place. :)