Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Musings

So, this weekend was actually pretty nice.
Especially since I kicked booty and got my 18 paged paper terminated and out of the way.
Then on Friday, we did some more pumpkin shopping. There's a local pumpkin patch that's in walking distance from our house so we visited it, and since we found no cheap pumpkins there we decided to go to Sweetbay instead and purchase a small, nice pumpkin instead. But before that, we went to Panera's which is quite cozy. I sipped some green tea and had a pumpkin pie bagel with hazelnut spread that absoloutly floored my tastebuds. After those adventures, my Mom, sister, me and some close friends all went to a Coffee House where there was a band playing called This New Heart(which is pretty legit) and an Improv show took place afterwords. In honor of Halloween, they said if you come dressed up, you get in free. So, I dressed up as Hobo. (Which is funny because if you know me well, I always used to joke that once I graduated highschool that'd I would just become a proffesional hobo. Especially whenever anyone asked me what they could see myself doing when I grow up, that would be my answer.) I got decked out with putting leaves and twigs in my ever growing mess that I sometimes call my hair and put some authentic dirt on my face. I also made a sign out of cardboard that said; "Will Work for Coffee". Because, hey, I'm a coffee addict and I have no shame. It was fun. :) And the band was good, and the coffee was good and the Improv was good and the company was good and I like being able to freely laugh.

Now it's a Saturday morning that I am writing this. I'm doing that because this afternoon will be busy and Sundays are always busy with church and then dance rehearsels. But this Saturday morning is nice because it is a quiet morning where I got to re-read one of my favorite books that I haven't read in a long time, I got to smell the lovely pumpkin foods that will be consumed tonight. I got to go through pinterest and I found someone's board which consists solely of good movies and tv shows and it made me reminisce on good tv shows and movies that I haven't seen in ages but now am inspired to see again. Also, I'm anticipating this afternoon for the reasons I listed in my last post in Random Fact #1. I'm sorry if this is confusing, since you are only hearing about my Saturday morning and anticipation of saturday afternoon even though when you read this, it'll be Sunday and my saturday afternoon will have already occured. But, I am sure I won't get a chance to write about it Sunday, so you'll have to hang tight for Monday where I'll include pictures and words.

^^Those are pictures of the band, so you can see what they look like. So, i didn't take those pictures, I just got them off their facebook page to promote them.
I'm sorry that this is terribly long, but I hope you had a chance to read it so that you could join me on my adventures. :) Guys, it's finally starting to feel like Fall.

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