Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coffee beans and Typewriters

She was well grounded like coffee beans.
The earth spoke in riddles with medians and means.
She had words in her hands,
Paint drops from the sky,
She only had one question;
Why what?
Why how?
Why who?
Nobody will know and nobody knew.
Why's are no good.
They ask but they never find an answer.
So she set her free her why's,
And became a writer and a dancer.
She threw away her worries,
She learned how to love.
She picked red balloons,
And framed all the doves.
More room in her smiles,
Less room in her fears.
She stopped talking,
And learned how to hear.
^^This, right here. It's a good movie.

^^By God's loving of me, I have now learned to love myself.

Tea makes everything less stressful and more heart warming.

Timshel-Mumford and Sons, you will always be one of my favorite songs. And You aren't alone in this, but also, remember, I can't move the mountains for you. I can tell the night to lose its sight, i can try so hard for you, but there's only so much I can do. I'm only a mere human. Mere human. And You have to try too.

For your comments, for your love, for your inspiration, for your following, I appreciate you all. Even the ones who hate snow. :)   (I'm messin, I think I wouldn't like snow if I lived up north too. But I don't, I live in the Sunshine state. Which is why I like snow. )
I've never seen this show, but I love her quirkyness and her style and her glasses.
Story of my life.
I completely agree with this, and the writing post up above minus the getting drunk part because I don't do that sort of stuff. Because life is too short.

So I didn't have a reason for the name of my title.
I just like coffee and typewriters.
Is there anything wrong with that?
I also like literature and things that don't make 100% sense.
I like nice people and nice words.
Like hummus.
That's a nice word.
And love.
That's a nice word too.
I had my first soccer practice yesterday and it was DA BOMB DIGGITY. (pardon my moment of gangsta outbursting)
And I'm starting dance rehearsels on Sunday.
I'm going to be dancing at Botanical Gardens and it's going to be a Christmas performance.
I'm excited.
Life is unfolding.
Life is unfold
life is un
life is
What do you feel like sharing with me today?
A nice word?
A smile?
A piece of wisdom?
A quote?
I'll take whatever you give me and I'll listen.


  1. <3 <3 Sophie, You're presh. ^_^ gorgeous thoughts and pictures! I like coffee and typewriters and things that don't make 100% sense too. <3
    pretty post. :)

  2. new girl. yes i love that show! zooey is so fetching cute! i love all your cute blogs ! i love your crazy, yet sane thoughts! i have lots of those too!

  3. you always have the greatest little finds!! I just discovered mumford and sons ( they are great!)... I know I know I must be living under a rock :)!

  4. I love this post! What an awesome collection of finds, especially love that teabag & its quote!

    Here is one of my favorite things, the first page of Seven Types of Ambiguity:
    "He nearly called you again last night. Can you imagine that, after all this time? He can. He imagines calling you or running into you by chance. Depending on the weather, he imagines you in one of those cotton dresses of yours with flowers on it or in faded blue jeans and a thick woollen button-up cardigan over a checked shirt, drinking coffee from a mug, looking through your tortoiseshell glasses at a book of poetry while it rains. He thinks of you with your hair tied back and that characteristic sweet scent on your neck. He imagines you this way when he is on the train, in the supermarket, at his parents’ house, at night, alone, and when he is with a woman."