Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today, Maybe You Should

Sit on your bed, grab a bowl of cereal, and rethink your life.
Re-think where you are going with it.
Then dream about it.
Just for fun.
Pick some Flowers(Or weeds) and give them to someone special or not-so-special.
Smile. Because everyone should do that. For obvious reasons.
Read one page of a book that's written in a foreign language that you don't speak.
Just see how the words sound on your tongue and imagine what they mean.
Think lovely thoughts, there's no room for negativity today.
Go ahead and yell.
Into your pillow.
Just do it and feel any leftover anger, excitement, happiness, or sadness just burst into little particles that will soon join the dust as it sprawls through the air seeking solace.
You have a sister?
Hug her.
A brother?
Hug him.
A Mom? A Dad?
Hug them.
A pet?
Hug him/her.
Hug him.
A Random Stranger off the street?
A Highfive will do.
Take deep breaths.
Take long strolls through unfamiliar places.
Take short walks through familiar places.
Be more easygoing.
Take life as it comes.
Bottle up it's treasures, reflect on it's memories, and keep on living.
Keep on inspiring.


Beauty is all I see today.
What do you see through your eyes?


  1. Maybe I should. :D This post is just lovely.
    I love the Peter Pan picture....I really need to read that book. <3

  2. This post is my favorite! :D and omg i'm gonna high five a stranger today bahaha :)

  3. I've never read the series but now I'm thinking I'm should. That sounds romantically sweet!

    Another perfect post. Have you thought about compiling these into mini zines for etsy? (They're the easiest things to make!)

  4. lovely and inspiring post, as always! i love the photograph of the typewriter. make me want to go thrifting, find one, and fix it up to perfection.. and write my heart away.

    lindsey louise

  5. Awesome reminders. I especially like the option to pick flowers ... or weeds. :) Love this post!

  6. the best part about dreams are that they can changes as the seasons of your life change too!

  7. A Random Stranger off the street?
    A Highfive will do.

    Seriously, this post is sooo great! But then again, I love all your posts.
    I'm re-reading Peter Pan and loving ever word of it, its so delightful! ^_^

  8. Sooo good. I love the reminders to love people around you with hugs. I think those simple acts are looked over way too easily.

    Hope your day is lovely <3

  9. i LOVE this! excellent advice, i hope many people go follow it. great blog, excited to look around more :) xo

  10. I love this post! Well…all of your posts…hehe. I love the moment when Harry and Hermione dance in the movie. :)

  11. Good, good GOOOD post.
    I can see why you like the Harry potter ones, it's fun to be goofy like that. =D