Friday, October 5, 2012

Sleepin In Fridays

Write me a melody and I'll sing you the moon.
For we both know too well, it all fades too soon.
It all fades too soon.
So, today I am feeling inadequate. I know you aren't usually suposed to say that if you feel like that, but I think everyone is allowed to have those moments. And right now, I feel inadequate because I'm realizing that I don't have something I'm very good at. And all around, with everything, I feel inadequate. Friendships, Sports, Looks, Talents. I don't have much in those areas. I feel like a failure in some areas. I usually try to be optimistic, I know I should be, but today the problems are piling. And I feel defeated and frustrated with myself. But when you are on your knees, the only place to look is up.

"When I don't measure up in this life, I'm a treasure in the arms of Christ."
I'm trying to keep this in mind.
I know it's just one of those days.
So I know I'll be okay.
But I had to write it.
It was sitting on my chest and mocking me.
I had to set free the negativity.
Okay, I'm going to post pictures to make me feel better.

I'm already feeling slightly better now.
I just need to give it to God.
Let His Words and Promise comfort me again.
And I think I'll make some oatmeal.
And I will hug my dog.
And I'm photographing people today legitly so that's exciting.
And there's some pointless but funny tv shows to be watched.
And nails to be painted.
And life to be loved.
And myself to accept.
I'm sorry self.
You deserve more love than that.
I feel lighter.
Nothing about my circumstances has changed, but my perspective has.
And don't you know?
Perspective is a lovely hand to hold.
Who's hand are you holding?


  1. i love the first picture- i want to be part of the pizza party too :) hoping your day looks up, you're lovely- remember that... and you're a fantastic writer :) xo

  2. Well, your writing is very connecting to people, and that's a talent God gave to you and is very much pleased with. (: And those things you have planned sound so nice. :D

  3. Oh girl! You have so much worth. I don't even know you but I have seen what an amazing writer you are through your blog and it makes me a little jealous. I have all those thoughts in my mind but I don't have the immediate power of a pen to put those thoughts into words. I have to work at it and for you, it seems to come easily.

    Our Father made you perfectly as you are, don't forget that. Comparison is a dangerous thing. Why compare yourself to others when you are totally unique?

    Have a wonderful day :) <3

  4. Great honest and meaningful post. I loved all of your cheerful pictures as well :). Don't worry, we all have our days, just remember the feeling will pass.

  5. Hello, Dear! I've just found your lovely nice to meet you! Isn't perspective a funny thing? This morning I was feeling positively vile, mentally. Some company was coming that (1.) I didn't invite and (2.)I didn't particularly want to be stuck with for 8 hours or so. Now they have gone,and my kitties have come out of hiding (though my youngest son, a senior in high school, says he may never have children after spending time with these particular guests...;)...Now we can have a lovely rest-of-the-weekend! LOL I hope you feel better, too, sweetie. You may not want to be bloggy-friends with such a person as I, though! :)
    I'm now following you, as well ~ ♥

  6. Can we be friends?

    Emelie Claire

  7. Looks, shmooks! Anyone who has curly hair is ahead of "fashion". =D
    But I can understand how you might feel that way... =)as well as why you like puns! "Hawkward" is now in my vocabulary.
    And the "Oh Deer!" love it. I felt lighter too after reading it.