Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You Can Cuddle the Stars

You can cuddle the stars,
But don't forget who you are.
Let the gold dust drape over your shoulder,
But don't forget the magic once your older.
Inhale the smiles,
Exhale the tears.
But don't you dare fear.
Don't you dare fear.

Bake someone a cake.
Brew yourself a cup of tea.
Pet a dog.
Dance in your Pajamas.
Turn the volume up louder.
Write someone a secret note.
Go watch Charlie Brown.
Dream about Colder Weather.
Start thinking about what you want for Christmas.
Today is full of possibilities.
Last night I decided to get out there and run. I haven't run in forever.
It was worth it.
The sore muscles, the lack of air in my lungs,
worth it.
I got to hear the crackle and snaps of acorns under my feet.
I got to see the sun paint the clouds pink as it said goodbye to the sky.
You never know what you're missing out on if you chose not to do something.
So if you get the chance; Do Something.
Whats on your agenda?


  1. I think that fall is my favorite time to run. It's so perfect.

    also, you always leave sweet comments on my blog and I can never answer because your e-mail isn't attached to your Blogger profile! You should fix that :)

    p.s. I'm reading the Sarah Dessen one with McClean. I don't remember the title :)

  2. Girl, I am digging this post!! :) I feel so impatient waiting for it to finally feel like fall here. In the meantime I shall bake cookies!! lol.

  3. I've done six out of nine of those things on your list, haha! I love it. Most of all I'm dreaming of colder weather, since it's going to be 100 again here today...

    You already saw my list of things to do this week :P I need to start crossing those things off...

    Have a happy day :)

  4. I've done most of the stuff on your list. :) GO ME!

    As SOON as our trees get around to changing color, I'm going to do a hopefully epic-ish blog post about it. But they're taking ages to change this year, so it might be a week or two. lol... But hey, it's already October, so it has to start soon. And THEN Christmas will come, and I love Christmas. So yeah. Good things are going to happen. :)

    God bless!

  5. alllll the reason I love fall are above!

  6. Ah! Brewed a cup of tea, Petted my dog, dreamed about colder weather (46 this morning!) And thought about what to get others for Christmas! And though I didn't bake my friend a cake, I did get her a bar of chocolate. =D

  7. what a lovely set of pictures :) i love that first one with all the cute little month notebooks. and you're right, today is full of possibilities. xx