Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Weekend(s)

My weekends: Cannoli's, Charlie Brown, Pumpkins, Milo, Dressing Up, Cookies, Italian Pizza, Snow White and the Huntsman, Getting Sick for a Day, Christmas Dance Performance Rehearsels, Petting Puppies, Sipping Coffee(I know, such a surprise), Eating Speghetti, Having Company Over, Fresh Warm Oatmeal in the Mornings.


^^That's Milo. He's happy to meet you.
Today I have a lot of school and then I have a Neurologist Appointment. Any prayers will be appreciated. :)
I think all will go fine, but juuust in case.
Also, I will try to get around and read people's blogs as much as I can but I might not be able to due to the busyness this day holds.
But just in case you didn't know, I love you and appreciate you all. :)
Your comments make my day and I read every single one of them.
Who are you happy to meet today?
What are you appreciative of?


  1. great fall photos! I love the out of focus ones and the pumpkin many pumpkins! Sounds like you are living up fall festivities :)

  2. How sweet! I can't wait to go to our pumpkin patch soon with my nephew :) So much fun.

    P.S. Milo is kinda funky looking, haha! I like funky pumpkins!

  3. The pictures are awesome, girl! Milo is simply adorable. :) I just sent up a prayer for you.

    Hmm, well I don't believe I'm going to meet anyone today, but I'm rather excited/nervous to possibly meet someone I kinda, sorta know already, in a few days... I'm appreciative for comfy grey sweaters and cool nights. :)

  4. you guys are adorbs. ^_^ The Pirate/Lightsaber combo made me giggle. :D <3
    I'll be praying for you!

  5. You're an awesome goofball! =D
    I see you got some bokeh! Those four pictures are cool, and what a pile of pumkins! =O
    I am VERY appreciative of the beauuuutiful fall colors after the drought, I just rode my bike around and took a hundred pictures of the various trees, it was definitely splendiferous.
    Prayin' for you. <3


  6. Great pictures, I LOVE the bokeh pictures!
    By the way... is that blue in your hair? It's very cute. :)

  7. Looks and sounds like an awesome weekend! I enjoyed some Charlie Brown and pumpkins too haha

    Hope your appointment went good today, wishing you the best!

  8. hahahaha I love your pictures! Looks like you had lots and lots of fun this weekend :) You were sick for a day though? BUMMER. Hope you're feeling better! :)

  9. Love the photos! They are really adorable.
    I also love the colours... :)

  10. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! Silly friends are the best. That pile of pumpkins!!