Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Beginnings

I love how it's a new beginning with every Sunday.
It's a new week.
A new start.
A new chance to do something new.
Anyways, I wrote a poem, want to hear it?

Hope sails under the broken boat,
The waves try mindlessly to stay afloat.
Dreams come crashing on grains of sand,
Reality gets lost when it meets demand.
Time drowns softly in the sea of reason,
Truth hides in certain seasons.
The wise speak words without a rhyme,
And sink below to meet with time.
Life is a gift while death is a crime,
But it's also all a bitter consequence of life.
There's joy in the hope of life again,
For those who will some day be with Him.
Even a dead heart can beat again.
Even a dead heart can beat again.

Oh the things one writes in Humanities class.
Let's just say, Autumn has left me inspired lately.

 ^^This one I took in Georgia two years ago. :)

I really like this season. A lot.
So, our car broke down yesterday.
 Therefore, I wasn't able to meet up at the cookout by the time we got things figured out.
 Then we were going to go to John's Pass, but there were 0 parking spaces except for a couple that you had to pay parking meters for and we didn't have quarters.
I also, ended up getting a cold. haha.
So, yesterday was not my day.
But today is a new day,
A new beginning.
I'm going to relish in that fact. :)
In addition, we have company coming over tonight for dinner.
Then we're going to watch some family videos.
It should be fun.
How is your new day?


  1. That poem is really gorgeous! I love it.
    and that picture of the fawn. omigosh. <3
    well i dunno how my new day will be yet, but i'm hoping for a good one! Fall festivals at church can either go hay wire, or turn out fantastic. I'm hoping for the latter, doh. ;)
    xx- have a great new week, Soph! <3

  2. I love your poem. I love the line, "Even a dead heart can beat again." Isn't that cool how absolutely anything is possible? I love our God.

    Messy days like yesterday can be the best sometimes ;) Today I am volunteering in the church childcare, which is always fun but... at this time of year it makes me paranoid of cold germs.

  3. Hi! :) I love your blog!

    ~ Jess

  4. That is a wonderful poem, and I love autumn as well!

    ~Rachel Keeth // Lavender And Honey

  5. Beeeyooootiful poem! <3 I love it.
    awh, that's a bummer. I hate it when I miss events 'cause of car issues. It's happened a lot of times before. :P
    New days are fantastic, yes? <3

    {I'm glad. :) That must be terribly frustrating and your totally right to say something about it. lol. makes perfect sense. I hope they get the clue. :P <3}

  6. Cup of Good Cheer, perfect.
    Yes, the fawn! Love it, so sweet!
    A new week...of autumn break from school! Yes, yes, yes. And the trees have just turned brilliant shades, it's almost like a the rainbow after the flood, beautiful ruby, pink, orange and yellows like I don't remember seeing before . . . after a drought!
    Sorry you got a cold, I had one the other week. =/


  7. This post is so inspiring. How wonderful to enjoy new beginnings and fresh starts. Changing seasons always make me reflect the newness of life.

  8. I'm sorry your car broke down, but you're right, tomorrow's a new day! I'm sure I already know this, but is your major English? It should be, you write really well.

    I love that photo of the deer!

  9. I really like your posts, Soph, they're all pretty. :) So hey, I awarded you!