Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why I Blog

Why I blog, and why I love reading blogs...

I blog because it helps me sort my thoughts. It helps me do something about my love for writing.
It gives me the chance to express myself through pictures and words. It gives me the chance to inspire, to connect, to relate.

I love reading blogs because I love hearing different people's view points. I like hearing their opinions. I like hearing about lives lived from people all over the world. I like seeing the places they've been and what their hometown looks like. I like hearing about their passions and their traditions. It's not only fascinating but it reminds me how different and alike we all are. It reminds me how huge the world is.

Another thing I love is how I can connect with people through here. How I can write things and have people totally get me. That's amazing to me. It's crazy because sometimes I feel like the people I follow and who follow me, like we're friends. I don't even know half these people, yet I feel like I do from reading what they've written and interacting with them. It's crazy how that is. And the more you think about it, it's the internet. Anyone can lie on the internet. All these seemingly nice people, could be faking their identities. But that's the thing about writing. It reveals. It's honest. It's stripped. It's real. You can tell. That's why some people write. They write to get their honesty on pages. Their self in words. Their life in moments. It's real. At least, I believe most people who write are really writing authentically. And that's part of what adds to the beauty of it all.

This is a place where writers, photographers, fashion stylists, and all are free to express theirselves.

No judgement. No room for negativity. It's Your story. Your thoughts. Your moments.

Think them. Write them. Live them. Share them.
Share them.

I honestly wish I could wear outfits like her and look that good in them.

A couple of things to remember:
1. Let your mind take you were you long to be.
2. Blog about Fall as much as you want. I will never get sick of reading about it.
3. Fall only comes once a year, so drink those Pumpkin Spice Lattes!
4. Take Black and White pictures every now and then. It's healthy for the soul.
5. Take the time to pay attention some- all of the time. (To people, to the ants)
6. There's beauty in rain. There's beauty in sunshine.
7. Go ahead and love life, it only occurs once.
8. Go ahead and love yourself, because you are worth loving.
9. Be sure to thank God for what you have been so graciously given(life, love, redemption)
10. You're never fully dressed without a smile.

So maybe that was more than a couple.
What are some things I should remember?


  1. Your posts are always such encouragement. :) And in response to your book review on my blog, thank you so much for letting me know what's in it! Blessings to your day!

  2. i love this post and i agree whole heartedly (when do i not??) i think of you as a friend as well and sometimes its sad that i dont know some of the special people ive met through my blog in real life. but thats the beauty of writing- as you said- its stripped and authentic, and i love it. thanks, as always, for making me smile :)

  3. your post is stunning!!! this is inspiring, it makes me excited for fall and it makes me realize how great blogging really is. the people you "meet" is the best part. :)

  4. I love this post A LOT, Sophie. Reading blogs is so fun to me for the same reasons. I love reading about different people's lives and being inspired by them. I feel the same way, I know people but they don't know who I am. haha funny how that is. Some bloggers I have become friends with though and that is so wonderful. I only hope to become better friends with them as time goes by. Hey, let's be friends. :) Blogging is wonderful.



  5. awe, this is such a good post <3

  6. it is raining over here today, and so I love that quote about finding peace in the rain. So true, for me.

  7. You are so right (with the blogging-thing and with Taylor ;)!
    I love this post!

  8. I love this!
    Beautiful pictures and great reminders! <3 <3

  9. That's what I love about blogging, to write for yourself and to express your feelings. And to make good friends! :)

  10. Yes, after I started reading other blogs I found out that God made a lot of people in the artsy, writing, photo taking, drawing, musical mold. We all like these general things, but express them so uniquely!
    It's pretty cool.
    And we find neat friends too. =)