Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello, Hello, Helloooooooooooo



There is love in the air tonight.

So what this means is;

1. My Summer List will be coming up here soon.
2. More time to blog and think and comment!
4. I'll no longer be a freshman in any way, terms or means.
5. Sleeping In.
6. The Big Room Project(Cleaning, re-arranging, and painting!)
7. Time to do projects, like creating my Adventure Book.
8. Time to actually catch up with friends.
9. Time to photograph more and create more and go to the beach more.
10. Lot's of time now. Time, that I need to spend wisely. :)

Well, that sums it all up. Summer has arrived for me and I welcome the bright beautiful sunshine with warm open arms and embrace it full heartedly with a sense of hope and adventure that's wriggling within me and dying to get out and play and feel the grass between my barefeet and the freedom air surging through my lungs and to run down the hills of wonder and excitement.


  1. all sounds magically wonderful :) summer is the season of whimsy. methinks. xx

  2. Ah! I just really like summer, hehe :)))

  3. That quote is lovely! And here's to summer.. so excited to swim outdoors at some point xx

  4. Hurrah for summer! :D Favorite season of the year....

  5. yay! I don't get summer vacation :( haha but oh well it'll still be an awesome one cause my bff is home all summer. I love your list and I can't wait to see your "Summer List" which I am guessing will be even better!

    I missed you and your blog! I hope finals went really well and that you are overall still happy and cheery about life :)