Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stars, in Your Multitude

Stars, I love stars. Each star is full to the brim with magic, you know? If you touch one though, it'll turn into gold dust in your hand. It will lose its magic. That's most likely why they hide way up in the sky, so that others can't reach them and can't touch them. Especially kids. Because you know little kids like to touch pretty things. I don't blame them. Sometimes, stars will come up to your window at night though just to peek in on you and make sure you aren't having any trouble sleeping and to make sure that you aren't crying. They don't like tears. Sometimes they'll whisper things to you, though you can't hear them because you're asleep and because they're outside your window even if you were to awken, but sometimes they'll tell you stories. About princesses and pirates and cliche stuff like that. They always like an audience. Other times they just wish you luck on your day that you'll face when you awake and once they do their wishing they journey off to another part of the world where they can have a chance at lighting up the sky for someone else and making magic and whispering little things to them. They can never stay too long, like a lot of things. They have times and seasons. But the important part is they will always be back. That's the nice thing about stars. They don't forget you.

Sometimes the baby stars fall asleep. Those are called shooting stars. You see, it takes a lot of effort for a star to stay up there in the sky all night and not move until the sun rises and it's time to visit another place and another area where it's  nighttime and they can be seen and visible. They can only stay up there in the night sky if they manage to stay awake. All the adult stars are pros at this now. But the baby ones can't help it sometimes. They get tired and the grasshoppers always play them lulling music that practically forces their little eyes to close. And eventually they might drift off to sleep and once they're asleep they starting shooting across the sky, even though they don't mean to. But the wind just carries them across and they can't resist because they're asleep. They also shine brighter when they're asleep because they are filled with good and happy thoughts, some people call them dreams, and everyone knows that dreams will light up inside of stars. It's part of their magic.
Do you have a star? One that visits every night? One that you named? One that you love?
Every star out there deserves to be loved by someone.


  1. Aww baby stars;)
    Actually I do have a star. One that when ever it's clear I like to go out and find it:) It's in Orion's belt (?) or club. I haven't named it, but I just looked it up and I think it's called Mintaka or Meissa. Just to think that God knows ALL the names is... it's so beyond me!

  2. I love stars. I don't have "an own star" but I love them.
    I love to look at them in a wonderful summer night and now, because I've learned so much about them in Physics, they have become so much more fascinating for me.....