Monday, April 1, 2013

"Life is made of the little moments"

I've still been here and there and everywhere.

I might find time to get back here and write lovely posts.

I might not have time though.

I might get caught up in living life.

I can't make promises.

I'll do what I can and no less and no more.


  1. Just do what you gotta do :)
    Lovely photos! Happy April!

  2. :-) Love the pictures! <3 Especially the Roald Dahl quote.

  3. Oh, I know! And you do that, K? You write so many posts on the subject you totally deserve to go practice it. ;)
    I've been caught up in living life too;(it's really pretty cool!) hence MY lack of posts. I've got plenty of pictures ready...but I think they can wait a little longer.
    We actually just moved my Grandparents up here(!), and this week has been one adventure after another! =D

    xx `Jenny

  4. Lovey post, I love the first Picture :)