Monday, April 15, 2013

Black and White

- Beach
- Owl City Concert
- Rain
- Pizza and Expresso Shakes
- Walks
- Gigantic Chairs
- Fireworks
- Barefeet
- Apples to Apples
- Donuts

That's how my weekend went down. It's been very busy and fun and feels like Summer. There's red in my cheeks and the sun is making the blonde in my hair peek out. I get random bursts of excitement rolling around inside of me. The semester is coming to an end. My birthday is this Friday. 19 on the 19th! I'm exciiited. Disney bound I shall be then! Which I'm also excited for.  Life is good my friends. :)  I also haven't been and probably won't be on blogger much except to post when I feel like it. I'm busy this week as well. But we'll see. You never know how things will turn out. Once Summer comes round though,(which is roughly 2 and a half weeks away), then I'll actually  definitely have free time.
Quick thoughts; I love black and white photos. Don't you? Whats your opinion on them? Whenever I see black and white photos I feel like they're really old and back in the day and it gives the photos a somewhat vintage and nostalgic, raw, earthy feel that I just adore. So, thats the reason for my black and white photos... because I'm absoloutly in love with em. But, I do want to hear your opinion. Black and White or Color? Or Both? Because don't get me wrong, I do love color too.
-- Listen to Monday Morning by Death Cab for Cutie--


  1. I really REALLY love black and white photos. They're so beautiful! :D And yay for concerts and Disney and almost summer. Honestly, I can hardly wait!

  2. Oh... my... gosh. I'm jealous. =P You basically just had my DREAM weekend. xD

    Black and white photos are, imo, good for *some* photos... but color [including manipulated color] is good for others. Depends on the photo subject. ;)

  3. this just LOOKS like summer!! concerts and fireworks and tank tops. making us all jealous :)

  4. i adore your black and white photos. they are stunning. it looks like you're loving life :) excited for summer!!!

  5. Yes! I love the b&w photos, they make me feel the same way!
    The firework shots especially are way cool in b&w! =D
    I glad you had an awesome weedend!