Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Writing is the breath in a Dreamer's lungs.

Writing is the coffee stain with the roses that remind you where to go when your lost.

Writing is the jacket that engulfs you when the cold chews at your skin.
Writing is the food in a Dreamer's teeth giving it nourishment and health.
Writing is the color that splashes in hues of orange and pink across the sky when it wants to.
Writing is the ache in a person's chest when they don't know why they feel sad.
Writing is the sole understanding you feel when the perfect song is drifting to your ears.
Writing is the breath in a Dreamer's lungs.

--Do you hear the people sing?--
If you ever want to feel ready for a revolution, then listen to that song mentioned up above right there.
Quick updates;
I've rekindled my passion for writing.
Thanks to the words I've appreciated in music, movies, and books.
I watched Les Miserables again on Easter, and it hit me all over again.
The music, the story, the movie.
It inspired me again.
The power of words, music, stories and movies.
And now I'm writing without hesitation.
And I like that.
Writers should write fervently and ardently.
With passion.
With fierce urgentness.
With a feeling that words must be shared across the World and absorbed like a sponge.
Even if it's read by one person.
Even if the words are forgotten the next day.
Writers should write with Passion.
Write without Hesitation, and With Passion.
Because Passionless Writing is worth:
n o t h i n g.


  1. beautiful, and so very true. There is nothing quite like passion-filled writing...when everything that is getting on the paper seems to reflect exactly what is going on in your mind.

  2. Good for you! =D
    I've experienced the same thing with my art, it's way better when i've got a passion for it.
    Loved reading this! =)