Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Small Hi

Hi there.
I decided to drop by, to say hi and a few other things.
I'm still not back, back yet.
I might blog whenever I get a chance, but I'm not going to make this a chore.
So, if I'm busy, I'll wait until I'm not busy to get back and write inspiring things or posts.
Right now, I had some time to write and some things I wanted to say.
Firstly, tomorrow is my birthday.
And I always have mixed feelings about birthdays.
It's weird turning another year older.
It's weird how just yesterday you could be telling someone that you're an eighteen year old girl and the next day you are nineteen.
And that's it too.
You won't ever be eighteen again.
It's such a weird thought, a weird feeling.
But I'm excited for big 'ole 19.
19 on the 19th.
My golden birthday.
And I'm more than excited to spend it in a place where you never have to grow up.
Disney World.
A place of my childhood and youth.
Yeah, I'm pretty happy about THIS birthday. :)
Misc thoughts:
 1. The Lumineers are quite soothing to listen to in the nighttime quiet if your brain is still up and running like mine is.
2. 1 week and 6 days until my College semester is over.
3. I found a vintage radio app on my phone where it plays old radio shows like; "Little Orphan Annie" or "War of the Worlds". Naturally I'm pysched, the vintage lover that I am.
4. Tears are also an odd sort of thing. I mean sometimes you like tears, because it makes you feel better, and other times you'd give anything in the world not-to-cry but you can't help it. Yet, sometimes I can't cry even when I feel I should be. All they are, are basically little salty raindrops that evaporate on your face eventually, and yet, they say a great deal of things and also, nothing at all.
That's it.
 Four floating thoughts wanting to be heard.
We've been watching the Lion King to get us ready for the Liong King Suite in the Art of Animation resort.

I love Vintage.
Someday, I hope to collect a Vintage record player, typewriter, lockets and camera.
Oh and old, vintage, dresses.

  “You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” -- Winnie the Pooh
That quote is so true about life in general.
 We can't wait around for things and people to stumble across us.
 Or for life to begin.
 We got to go out there and find em.
You got to go out there and live.
Sometimes take chances, strike up the conversation, drink coffee round the world.
You see,
I plan to be an Adventurer someday.
Yes, someday.
One day more.
Another day, another destiny.
Another day until Disney.
Don't worry your heart, I'll take plenty of pictures.
I'll share when I come back.
I'll have fun.
Good day to you all!


  1. Hi back! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you here:

    I shall be trying to comment more often soon. :)

  2. GAH! This post is awesome :) It's so exciting with your birthday almost here and then college almost being done :D And that Shel Silverstein poem was so great. His poetry is the best!

  3. Oh, I love this Soph! It's so full of enthusiaism, awesome pictures and vintage!
    I wish you well on your golden birthday! I passed mine when I was two! ;) (Ha! And I didn't even know it!)

    xx ~Jenny

  4. Those photos are really pretty! And i love that Shel Silverstein poem, it's one of my favourites!

    I've nominated you for a liebster award! :)

    you can check it out here


  5. Awww I missed your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope your day was super special :) <3