Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rain will make the flowers grow...

Now enjoy Spring's gift to the trees and ground.

Yes, it rained flower petals.

I would love to hold a photoshoot with flower crowns some day.
They're just so enchanting.

I love it.


  1. ohhh how beautiful! i loveee flower crowns, i think i will wear one at my wedding :)

  2. i love it too, i'm always putting flowers in my hair when i'm outside doing whatever.
    as soon as i saw these pix the Lumineers song "flowers in your hair" started playing in my head..now i gotta listen to it for reals! ^_^
    did you take those first photos? they're gorgeous! my favorite is the last.

  3. Oh, that first one is beautiful! Did you-, you didn't, yeah you did...you did take those, didn't you Soph?! =D Those first four...? And that's pretty cool that it "rained" flower petals!
    We have a bush called "Bridal Wreath Spirea" with lots of little white flowers {I'll be posting some pictures of it to my blog soon(ish)} and after they've been pollinated and all that, they start to drop petals just all over! You can even give the branches a wiggle and it snows! =D Yeah, it's pretty awesome.
    I agree with noni, my favorite wreath is the last. <3

    xx ~Jenny