Thursday, April 25, 2013


So, the other day, I was sitting in the car and my little sister Maria goes;

"Sophie! Would you like to be a star?"
"Sure"... I replied.
"Good! Because I'm going to make you the main character in the story I'm writing. It's going to be about relying on God and you are going to be the example for it and I'm going to publish it someday and you are going to be famous.You'll be on the cover and everything."

Isn't amazing how ambitious little kids are?

They have so many dreams and they don't doubt for a second that it won't come true. My sister is convinced that her book will be published and read by many. After she told me all that and asked if I'd be okay with that and when I told her I'd be honored to be her main character, she started squealing with excitement. And I love that. I love the passion, the certainty that anything is possible.

I think sometimes society teaches us to be realistic and to ditch our dreams instead of pursue them.

I know not every dream is possible, and chances are unlikely for a 10 year old girl from Florida to become a famous author and publisher, but you know what? Who's to stop you from trying. Because you really, never know. Nothing is too far from impossible in my book.

That's why the future is exciting for me. I don't know what I'll do or what will happen and I may not ever be famous and I may be a nobody living in a quaint home in North Carolina with a Husband and two kids living a normal life and I'll be perfectly content because guess what? That's one of my dreams too. And I'm just throwing North Carolina out there. It could still be Florida. Or California. Or London. Or Missouri. Who knows. But a normal life, or an adventurous life will be fine by me. But I do think we should pursue our dreams and never give up on our passions.

If the opportune time comes, maybe I will look more into writing. Or maybe into photography. Or maybe acting.

And if all I end up doing is writing a small column in the newspaper, or taking my friend's wedding photos, or playing in a local theatre production, I'd be just as happy with that than if I become a best selling author, or a traveling photographer, or a big screen actress.

The point is, nothing is too far out of reach.
So dream big.
Take lessons from your younger self who believed anything was possible.
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
--Walt Disney


  1. MISSOURI! then we could be besties. ;)
    I love everything about this post.
    And I miss reading your blog! I had intended to just stop writing on mine but continue to read everyone elses'..and well, that failed. :(
    Ah well. I'll be back soonly. <3

  2. I love this very, very much. Too often I write a dream off as being too unlikely. But what's unlikely anyway?
    This is honest and perfect. :)