Friday, April 12, 2013

The Lament

The luminessence of your fragile lies,
When a hope rises, another dies.
The etched writing on your hand leaked ink into the drifting sand.

Goodbye written on every door step,
You took the train to London.
Spring didn't even get to show it's flowers,
Before you left,
Before my world was devoured.

Sleep at ease when the stars echo my words,
Someday my voice will be heard.
Maybe not from you,
You who turned away your ear,
But someone will hear my voice someday,
Yes, it will be heard.
Love isn't far from the sea's shore,
But winter froze shut every single door.

Love isn't far at all you shouted at the ground,
When really your voice made no sound.
Your eyes were closed, you made no sound.
Our love sunk below the ground.

"What love?" you said...
"What love was there?"
But I did not answer because you did not speak because you did not hear.


Take your dreams to heart, readers.
And Dream On.

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