Wednesday, April 10, 2013


- Sometimes Fridays hold a trip to the SPCA to help a friend by taking pictures for her school project and then a trip for coffee and to buy an ice cream cake. And then maybe a mini celebration for your sister's birthday.

-Sometimes Saturdays hold Banana Nut muffins and painting Church steps.

- Sometimes Saturday evenings hold Chipotle and then Starbucks coffee that you sip while the car windows are rolled down and the nighttime dark creeps in while you blast and sing every word to the Les Miserables soundtrack.

-Sometimes Sundays are filled with a trip to bury a time capsule under the ground with a best friend and later a trip to ice cream to celebrate an older sister's birthday and a walk on the beach.

- Sometimes Sunday evenings are filled with running up and down hills, standing on tunnels, and waving French revolution flags like barricade people.

- Sometimes Mondays hold simple things like cooking dinner and reading Peter Pan to your little sisters and copious amounts of school.

- Sometimes Tuesdays aren't Taco Tuesdays. And you buy lots of tea to prepare for your speech about it that you must give on Friday and you also do copious amounts of school.

- Sometimes your life is filled with so much homework you feel that you might explode but then you remind yourself you only have 3 weeks left of it so you can make it.

- Sometimes  All the time, God is good.

My sister turned 21 this week. She's the best and I love her. <3  I've been very busy. And will continue to be very busy until Summer arrives. :) But it's enjoyable. I like my life. Sometimes College is stressful, but it does keep me busy and occupied and less plugged. My weekends are always enjoyable and filled with fun stuff. Like for instance, this weekend I'm going to an Owl City, All American Reject and Hot Chella Rae concert. 
Side rant:
(I'm not a HUGE fan of All American rejects, I've only heard a couple of their songs, and I don't know who Hot Chella Rae is but I am a HUGE fan of Owl City so I'm pretty psyched. I've wanted to go to a concert of his ever since Ocean Eyes came out.)
Then, on Saturday we're going downtown to eat and walk and celebrate my birthday which is next Friday.  It should be wonderful. And I love the in between the weekend days too because I never know what's going to happen. Whether it's a small walk on the beach with my Mom, cooking dinner, watching a movie with my sister, having quiet time to play guitar, I'm learning to love every bit of it.
Sooo, that's my update. :) <3


  1. I love the burying of a time capsule. I'm really tempted to do that. I also love your Les mis references. I can never get enough of that soundtrack. Ah, yay your birthday is soon!

  2. That sounds so much fun Sophie!! :D The concert, especially and heading downtown. Except you need to listen to the All American Rejects because they're awesome and you would probably really like them. I have their CDs if you want me to make you a copy :) Have fun!!!

  3. Sometimes...that sounds like an awesome couple a' days! Peter Pan?! Oh, I bet you're a great storyteller! =D
    'Copious' is a splendid word. ;)
    Yaaay! Haaaaappy Birthday! =D I'll be getting older in two months!
    Oh, I love your update! It's just full of all the little things, some big things and thankfulness.
    Good post.