Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things I should know by now...
- Having two cups of coffee before bedtime is always and never a good idea.

That's all I got.
I's an impressive list.

Last night I spent a lovely evening eating pie and drinking coffee while it gently rained and made the streets shimmer.
I also spent some time thinking.
I thought about how small we are.
Compared to the World.
I thought about how many people exist right now that I'll never meet and how many people I have yet to meet.
I thought about how even if the richest person in the world who could have the money to travel everywhere and anywhere he wanted, wouldn't be able to visit and see every piece of this earth and that's crazy.
There are so many places to go and see and we won't ever be able to see and go to them all.
But it still is an adventure waiting and seeing which places we will be able to go.
And it's so beautiful.
It's also crazy how big the universe is.
I mean, doesn't just blow your mind to think of the galaxies out there and other planets and stars?
There's a million of things out there and going on that we'll never know about.
We can only imagine what goes on or how things look there.
It's so huge.
We're so small.
God's handiwork and creation amazes me.
He amazes me.
I'm mindblown when I think of all the detail put into this earth, this universe, etc.
I'm amazed by the detail of the human body and how complex it is and how everything works to keep us alive day by day and it how it all happens without us thinking about it and it all happens in nanoseconds.
Every thought, breathe, movement.
The neurons, the muscles, the nerves, the everything.
It's so big;
The World.
We're so Small.
Our troubles, our problems, our arguments, our complaints;
are small.
Our thankfulness should be big.
Be thankful that you're alive.
Be thankful for the life you live.
Be thankful for the potential you've been given.
Be thankful that life is an adventure awaiting you.


  1. hehe. that was an impressive list.
    eating pie and drinking coffee while it rains sounds *so* lovely.
    i adore this whole post, i agree with it all! God is SO amazing!!!
    also, that adam young quote...yeeeaaah.. ;)

  2. I like the quote about musicians.

    Breakfast After 10

  3. Pastor's lesson last night got me thinking about the universe, too. Crazy awesome!

    p.s. Love the quote about musicians!

  4. oh my goodness I should know that about the coffee by now too!

    ....but I don't act like I do!

    and yes, it is crazy how big the universe is, but it's also crazy how small it is all at the same time!

    so crazy.

    have a wonderful day beautiful girl!

  5. Oh so so so good. You have a way with words that is unlike poetry, but very similar:)