Monday, April 22, 2013

Why I'm in Love

With Disney that is...
Well, let me first off describe to you the magic that happened over this weekend. First off, Friday morning I had a Perkins muffin for breakfast and delicious coffee awoken by my Disney birthday alarm. Then we headed to Orlando playing Disney trivia during the car ride. We arrived, checked in our suite, and headed to the Park  and I got a Birthday button. I got to ride and see things I hadn't seen before such as; Ariel's ride, the new Tangled bathrooms, the Beast's castle and Gaston's statue. So many people wished me a happy birthday! We also went to Monsters Inc. Laughfloor which is ALWAYS different. Everytime you go. New jokes, new people, new laughs. It was hilarious. This is one of the very many reasons why I love Disney, there are some things that make your trip always different but always enjoyable. We also got to experienced the very talked about amazing Dole whips. Which consisted of Vanilla ice cream mixed with Dole Pineapple Juice to create a wonderful float. Lastly, I got a Mickey hat that had light up fireworks on the ears. Then we headed back to the resort, which was AWESOME. The resort consisted of the Lion King suite which was all decked out with Lion King awesomeness. It also had a food court in which I had the most amazing Pizza and got a free birthday cupcake that had mickey ears and confetti on it. It was a wonderful surprise. Also, I got wished numerous time a Happy Birthday because any cast member which saw the button said Happy Birthday and it really did help make it a happy one. :) After that, we trecked to the pool which had Nemo creatures everywhere and underwater you could hear their voices talking. It was neat.  On the way back to the suite there was a girl named Sophie in the elevator with a birthday pin so I wished her a happy birthday and told her it was my birthday too and she was in aw. She was like; "NO WAY. Thats so cool!!" Her reaction was so funny and cute! Then, we went back to the suite, I had a cup of tea and we settled down for the evening.
Saturday morning, we awoke and went down for breakfast. I had the most amazing character printed waffles. It had Ariel/Flounder, Cars characters, and Simba/Nala on them. They were yummy and so cute. Then we headed to the park again saying goodbye to the wonderful resort. We met some friendly people on the bus to the park and that was nice. Another reason why I love Disney. You meet SO many nice people. One of the first things we did the second day in the park was go to Thunder Mountain railroad. There was a bit of a line and while we were waiting for our turn, a cast member named Daniel came up and just chatted with us until it was our turn. Thats one of the magical things I think about Disney. Is that they are so happy to see you and really love their job. Also, one of the ladies in the hat shop was super nice and kept calling me princess when we talked. Actually, quite a few cast members called people princesses. Let's see, after that, we got churros and Mickey soft pretzels to share which were absoloutly divine as well. We also went on Jungle Cruise that day which is another ride that is ALWAYS different. Because you have a guide on the boat ride and they basically make jokes, but some of them are different and some of the guides interact and joke around more with the guests like our guide did. We also looked at all the shops that day which is something I don't think I've ever done and that was neat looking at them all and seeing all the cute/ pretty Disney things. At one of the shops though, I was busy putting on a pin and looking down and a cast member there came up and whispered in my ear; "Happy Birthday" but it scared me because I had no idea he was behind me! It was a little freaky but a fun memory. Also, I ended up getting Ham from Toy Story to add to my Toy Story collection. He's adorable. We ate at Cosmic Ray's Diner which has a dinosaur named; "Sonny Eclipse" which is sort of a childhood throwback because when we were younger we ate there and danced near to the mechanical dinosaur playing the piano. After dinner, it got dark and  all the lights came up on Main Street and we got to see the electrical parade which was elaborate and awesome. After that we started looking for a spot to watched the fireworks and castle show, and when walking a cast member looked at my ears that were lighting up and he's like; "Did you know your head is on fire?" and I acted really surprised and was like; "OH NO!" and he seemed to be really unsure to whether I was messing with him or not, it was kind of funny. So, I smiled at him to let him know I was joking and he started laughing. Then we also past a cast member while we were walking and he started to sing HAAAPPPY BIRTHDAAAY,  but that was all he got out cause the crowd was large and we had to keep moving. Then we finally found a spot and were enamored by a beautiful display of projections on the castle(many of them i got pictures of which you will see tomorow) and then fireworks. We headed home after that, picking up delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream on the way back. On the ride back to our car, I saw countless little kids dressed up as princesses  and princes and pirates sleeping on their parents laps and it was adorable. There was this one girl who fell asleep leaning against her dad who also fell asleep. It was like a postcard. Watching the kids reactions are one of the best parts of this.
So to sum it all up, Disney is Magic. Its magic to watch the kids around you. Its magic to feel like a kid yourself and be taken back to childhood memories. Its magic to have a brand new experience each time. Its magic how its for all ages. Its magic how everything there is shaped like Mickey. Its magic how kind and nice people are overall. Its magic how this all did happen due to one man's vision and dream. Its magic how it can make you happy for a bright and beautiful tomorow.
I will always love Disney World. Disney World is like my Neverland.
And I hope to work there, I hope to make magic for people.
Also, this is just a taste of everything. We went on a lot more attractions than that, met more people than listed, enjoyed each other's friendship and laughs and shared more jokes than listed above. I just can't document memories like these well enough. Which is why they'll lie mainly in my heart, and my mind.
That was a lot, but I hope you enjoyed it.
Tomorow, I shall share pictures.

Never lose sight of your hopes, your wishes, and your dreams.
Keep the wishes you make.
Because nobody can take them away from you,
not even life.

One of my dreams came true this weekend,
And I didn't even know it was one of my dreams.


  1. That is just lovely:) You describe everything so intricately and I love it!
    You made me want to travel to Disney World too! The part about little girls falling asleep on their dad's laps is adorable:)

  2. Dude, this is amazing!! Literally, I felt like I was living it with you. I really can't wait to see the pictures because I know they're going to be awesome. I'm glad you had a great birthday!!

    p.s. Meeting a girl named Sophie who shares the same birthday as you? Fate!!

  3. oh goodness, this makes me so happy. ah! I haven't been to disneyworld before, only disneyland. But it sounds amazing! I'm so happy that you had such an amazing birthday. Also, I love this: "one of my dreams came true this weekend, And I didn't even know it was one of my dreams."