Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Joruney to Find Macarons

 Hey, so I don't know if you guys know this or not...
but I've wanted to try a French macaron for the longest of times! Yesterday, I got to accomplish that dream.
Story time!!!!

I spent the day with my friend Nora and we spent the first half of the day making wands. After that, we went for a stroll in Downtown St.Pete with no destination in particular, just looking for an adventure. :) So we came across first Starbucks, in which I sipped down a wondrous and desperately needed Hazelnut Macchiato. After that we reached a bakery which had.....MACARONS. So, I stopped in and bought the colorful beautiful delicious creations and tried one and took photos and all that. It was a life changing moment. Then we journeyed on and stopped in cute shops, and walked around and looked for a place to eat. We ate at the burrito bowl which also was a success. Then we went to the pier in which we found numerous pelicans(all named Nigel) some mean, some nice and I really wanted to touch  one but instead I took pictures with em. It was a beautiful day and the sun was setting and it was amazing. Lastly, we kinda strolled around the park there, dancing from time to time, and then went home in where we watched a Very Potter Musical and had a nice evening. That was my yesterday.

Today, I went back to my old highschool and said hi to old students, and old teachers, and may have sipped some punch. It was pretty awesome. I also got my first ever and probably last ever yellow slip. A yellow slip is a conduct slip that you get for various reasons of breaking certain rules and misbehaving while you are attending the school. My friend Heidi and I never got one ever, even though practically the whole school did and it seemed like a let down last year graduating without getting one. I have gone there since middle school and I haaad misbehaved from time to time, but we never got yellow slips. So our goal of Senior year was to get one. We broke mild rules and everything, and finally come graduation time, we begged our principal for one just so we could have one. She said no, the teachers said no, and we never got yellow slips. Well, when we re-visited we decided to ask again and she finally said yes!!!!! So she gave us yellow slips for; "Refusing to leave the school after graduation." It was a great moment!

Anywho, so I've been busy. Sorry guys, it happens. Life is busy, Summer might be busy, but I'll be on when I can. I promise. It just probably won't be on a regular basis anymore.
But how've you all been?
I hope you're all well!
Any adventurin' going on?
Tell me about it!


  1. I love all these pix! The first one of you and Nigel cracked me up, you're so cute.
    And your whole yellow slip paper story was epic, congrats for finally getting one, haha! :D :D

  2. HAHAHA the yellow slip thing made me laugh! You are so funny, good job.

    I've never had a macaron either and I've always wanted to as well. I did get them mixed up for a number of years with macaroons, which are not at all the same thing. I made macaroons and they were delicious and then I realized that they weren't the same thing as macarons and now I want to make macarons.

    Oh and I love your photos. The sunset ones are gorgeous.

  3. Awesome pictures! Have to admit I've never had a macaroon before but they look delicious. And love the yellow slips -too funny!

  4. That is awesome :) The macaroons, the yellow slip, the indifferent pelican. Also, thanks so much for your card! THE MUSTACHE MAN :D