Saturday, May 25, 2013


Yesterday, reached the anniversary of this blog! Ohmygoodness... what a weird thing to think about.
You see a year ago, I was a baby writer. I had no idea what I was doing or how to get started... and now I've come so far a long and have learned so many things and changed my template like a thousand times... hahaha. But in all honesty, I'm pretty happy to have this blog as an outlet and happy you have people like you read it and encourage me. :)
I feel like it's necessary to link-up to my first post, so I will;
Goodness. Honestly, a year is a long time. A year grows you and matures you in ways you never thought possible. This time last year, I had ups and downs going on. I had just graduated. I had a person in my life that has now vanished completely from it, (as in he stopped becoming my friend ) , which was another growing process though a necessary one. I hadn't hung out or become close friends with one of my best friends named Nora yet. I hadn't been extremely big into dancing, as I am now. I hadn't really learned to live with fewer worries and the peace of God. I hadn't discovered the beautiful free pie Wednesdays at Village Inn. I hadn't had my first paid photo shoots. I hadn't had my first airplane ride or my first macaron. I was doing track, and I hadn't been apart of a Soccer team. I hadn't survived "the end of the world in December of 2012" :P.  I hadn't even survived my first full year of College. I hadn't even joined the College Bible Study yet. I had just blossomed into a brand new adventure and season in my life which I hadn't known would take place yet.There was a lot I learned, and some of the growing process you can see through my posts, which is crazy to think about. I have 313 posts you know? That's a lot. I didn't post every day of the year, but I did for the majority of it.
I would have made my celebratory post yesterday if I hadn't forgotten about it, but alas, I did.


Anyways, in honor of  the dance recital today, I thought I'd post some dance pictures I took awhile back.

My life is still busy. Today, I actually have a dance recital(which I'm really excited for) and then a Cast Party and then a Family Dinner. We've done a lot of cleaning for my room, which is good, and Memorial Day we're going to be painting it. So, we'll be busy, but I'm excited for it all. I probably won't be back on here till Tuesday, but we'll see. Maybe I'll make a Memorial Day post.


  1. Happy Blogoversary, Sopie!! That's so awesome:)

  2. I never could understand how ballerinas could do all those things with their bodies, I can't even stretch without being sore for a week. #ineedmoreexercise :/ :) And happy blogoversary.

  3. well happy one year mark! all your photos are awesome, you're stunning! ^_^

  4. Oooh happy anniversary!! :)
    And I wish I did ballet too... :/ The pictures are really great.

  5. Happy day!!! How cool. I LOVELOVE your dancing photos! That looks so fun... I am SO super uncoordinated haha I wish I could dance!

    Have a good Memorial Day!!

  6. It's so incredible and awestriking how much can change in a year. <3 And ohhh, the dancing... it looks like so much fun! :D

  7. Yay fer Soph! I remember last May, you were my 7th follwer and I was you 19th? =D I sure am glad I follwed you. <3
    That "Wednesday Boredem" post, one of my FAVEorites! =D
    Gosh . . . I used to take ballet. Ya'lls look so graceful. <3 The pictures at the beach are epic, what a great idea! =)'

    xx ~Jenny