Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That One Time

Remember that one weekend?
The one where we spent a day in which we danced our hearts out on the stage and our family gave us flowers and our friend's clapped? That day where I tried the Butter Pecan Coffee, and went to the cast party where we all went crazy and I interlocked toes with someone and we watched our dances, laughing at our mistakes and getting excited at the parts we nailed? The day where I ate Waffles for Dinner at Perkins with our friends, and then we watched the Goofy Movie and enjoyed the night?
Remember the other day in the weekend where we were busy? When we took everything out of the rooms and painted to our hearts content? To where we all were overtired and I actually went to bed early?
But then, remember how that day turned into Memorial Day? A Monday. In which I woke up, and did some more cleaning, and moved things into my "new" bedroom. In which, we made a run to Taco Bell for lunch and talked about silly things. In which, we ate hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. That day, where we then walked around DownTown St.Pete. Where the sky was pink and orange and happy for us, and the wind kindly blew our hair our of our faces. The day where I had my lovely expresso shake that tasted like Heaven in a cup. When the ships were docked, the flowers decorated the paths, the statues were headless, the grass was green, and we had company, and friends, and the comfort of remembering and singing the Cheetah Girls because we could.
Yeah, that was a good weekend.


So, my week is terribly busy.
 I apologize, because I'm definitely not going to be able to keep up with everyone's blogs.
I will do my best to catch up when I find time.
But this weekend was awesome,
it was a weekend to remember.
And this week will be busy, fun filled, and  awesome as well.
Thank-you, Summer.


  1. Glad you had such a great weekend and the performance went well! Hope you have a good week to follow :)

  2. I looooooove your photos, Soph!! Those flowers are so pretty. And you look SO gorgeous and graceful dancing :) It looks so fun.

    I am glad you had an awesome weekend! That espresso shake DOES look like heaven in a cup... mmm.

  3. P.S. You live in a beautiful place :)

  4. Oh, I couldn't agree with Lacey more, you're making me want to take ballet just lookin' through those! =D
    The other photos....WOW. Really, those are seriously beautiful. They look like the way memories look in my mind!!! <3 My pictures are always sharp-here's-what-it-is, but yours have such a dreamy feel, and I really feel like I'm seeing your memories.
    You looked over at your mom and sister by the water; *mental camera click*
    You saw the sunset and knew you'd remember it long after it had faded *click*
    You looked up at the brillant pink of those flowers and saw how beautiful, how glowing they were. *click*
    you saw the beauty of the fallen petals against the gray pavment *click*
    You enoyed every bit of that shake *click*
    Seriously Soph, I don't care if anyone says they are 'just blurry' because they don't come across that way AT ALL.

    They are Memories. And they look like them. <3 <3 <3

    This post has "remember" written all over it. =)

    xx ~Jenny

    P.s. sorry it's so long, well, no not really, 'cause I do mean all I said. =)