Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Typical Summer Week again.

- paint swatches on sunday
- party ( a long with oreos ) on sunday night
- beach ( monday and tuesday )
- ice cream
- wendy's trip
- sandcastles
- friends
- laughter
- sunburns
- discovering Ben Howard ( a good musician )
- the wildthornberry's
- cleaning
- reflecting
- God's Word
- hot wings and fries
- so much love and appreciation and opened eyes

Summer may just be blossoming for some of you,
and honestly, it really is just blossoming,
yet it feels like Summer is already flying by for me.
Last of my college classes were on the last week of April and now it's heading into the last week of May.
Time, truly, flies.
"Time is a record that doesn't know how to stop.
It plays sad songs and cheery melodies, around and around.

       It's all the same,

yet when you play it again, 
everything's changed.
                                  The record is covered with dust colored nostalgia,
Bringing in memory by memory with each song that it sings.

                                    When you reach the end of the tracks,

                                                just keeps playing,
                                                           reminding you to keep on living.

The record is old and the record is new,
It's full of switched perspectives and switched titles.

Most people forget about it,                  
and the past too,                
 but not the golden ones,

The golden ones can be considered lucky to have treasured time,
But also pitied because they eat their share of bitter sweets.

But if you ask a golden one if it's worth it,
they'll answer without a doubt,
 yes it is;
 yes it is.

                   Time is a record that doesn't know how to stop.
But that's okay by me.
                                               Because we can't measure everything,
                                                  and lessons are learned from simple                                                                          melodies,
                                                            everything that once was the same,
                                                                         now is changed."




  1. i wanna go to the beach! agh. so bad.
    i *love* that bit about time, did you write it??

  2. Cute blog! Following <3 come check out my blog too!!!

  3. Did you write that poem? It is truly wonderfully imaginative! I just love the beach:) I put up with the sand (in everything:P) and just love it there:)

  4. I really don't think you've ever had a post that wasn't inspiring. Always makes me think. :)

  5. Haha, agree with Michelle :) I love this too. I like the idea of time being a record that doesn't stop because it's so true. I especially like the part about different songs evoking different memories... I was just thinking about that the other day when I heard Jack Johnson's album "To the Sea," because I listened to that over and over several summers ago and it brings up all kinds of different memories.

    And I REALLY want to go to the beach again, gah!