Friday, May 17, 2013

Take the Time Please

Before I start this post, I want to say, please take the time to read this. Not skim it quickly because you're in a hurry. Come back when you have the time please. I know some may not want to read it all, because as I sit down to write this and I feel the words bottled up inside me, I know it will be long. I'm sorry that it's long, but hopefully it'll be worth it. Alright, here goes nothing.

Last night, I went to a Colton Dixon/ Third Day concert. I was pumped because I love Colton and his music but I had no idea how impactful and convicting the concert would be. Because let me tell you, these singers, are devoted, give it all, unafraid messengers of the Gospel. And they're impacting, and eye opening with their words and music. I'm going to share all the things that impacted me.

1. How ready they are to share God's Word and message to thousands of people. That is definitely something I struggle with. I get self-conscious and clam up when I think people won't accept or listen to what I have to say. And I'll have to admit, ashamedly, most of my posts on here talk about small, unimportant things. Sure, every now and then I'll make a post about something meaningful and add a lesson I've learned and a verse I like but what I think I accidently got caught up in was losing sight that living a life for God and God alone, is the most meaningful way a life can be lived. The most meaningful and beautiful gift that I could share with someone, but often times I don't. And even if I make small mention every now and then, I'm not making Him out to be all that He is when I only sparingly talk about Him. If that makes sense? Because I stand firm in my belief, and I love God with all my heart, but yet I don't proclaim and praise Him enough like I should and that's something I want to change in my life.

2. Colton sang Lifehouse's song; "Everything". If you've never heard it, I suggest you look it up. The chorus hits me like a ton of bricks everytime I listen to it. The chorus goes; "You're all I want, You're all I need, You're Everything. Everything." Do you hear that guys? All I want, All I need, Everything. God meets all of our needs, all of our wants, He is everything. When I hear these words, I feel convicted because day by day I go through thinking about the small things I want like that Peter Pan shirt, or a trip to Disney, or a perfect boyfriend and never do I stop and think; "You know what? I've got my God, my Savior, and that's all I want and need." But I should. And I want to make Him my everything because He IS my everything. Another line that strikes me there is; How can I stand here by You and not be moved by You. That also is simply beautiful, because honestly, when you stop and think about it all( which I encourage you, and me, to do more often ) we should be moved by the wonders and amazing things He has done, is doing, and will be doing in our lives! His love alone should move us.
3. Third Day talked about miracles. How they happen still today. And He talked about how some people give up on miracles or prayers when it's been too long and they might not think it will ever happen but he said that he would pray with faith and that he did believe that a miracle could happen in that place for us. That it could come true even if the miracle takes awhile or doesn't come in the shape or form we imagined it to be. That also hit me because I struggle with that. Small miracles, I believe in, yes. But big miracles that you've been praying for 5 or so years and hasn't come true? That's harder! But you know what? Nothing is impossible or too far from God. And miracles still happen. I'm learning what I already knew, and I'm believing again in miracles, big or small, because no matter how big it is, my God is bigger.
4. Praise. Praise. Praise. Another area I need to clean up in a little bit. Colton Dixon's line in one of his songs goes like this; "If I had no voice, if I had no tongue, I would dance for you like the rising sun." Now that is extreme dedication and praise. Can you imagine even thinking that? I love that line because I want that to be me. That if I had no voice or tongue or legs, that I would find another way to praise Him. Because if I'm being honest, I feel like if the majority of us lost our voice or tongue, instead of figuring out other ways to praise and glorify our God, I feel like we would be mourning the loss of our voice or tongue. I don't know this of course, but thinking about it, I just know that I don't want that to be me. That I want to praise Him with all of my heart, not just half of it. Because He deserves our praise, and it draws us closer to Him.
Those pretty much sum it up, and maybe it's a lot, but I wanted to share because I want you to be impacted to and I wanted Him to be glorified. I wanted to be a Messenger, and I want to continue to be more of one. I know that it's okay to write up update posts, or themed posts, or photography posts every now and then so I will continue to do so, but I also want to remember the reason I can do those things. And I want to make sure I never put God on the backburner and that if I have something to share regarding a lesson He showed me, a verse I like, etc., that I hope I never not share it for fear of being judged or that people won't read it or like it, or any reason really. I want to live my life more meaningfully and put Him first.
I also real quick want to give a shoutout to my sister Gracie. She blogs over at;   . She's an amazing person and inspiration to me. She is truly a person who is on fire for God and not afraid to share Him or stand up for what she believes in. She prays fervently and studies hard and that really shows in the way she lives her life. I want to be more like her too. Because I know I still worry about what other's think or I'll be quiet and contemplate whether to speak up before I do, where as she doesn't hesitate at all. She's brave and she leans solely on God and trusts in Him with her whole heart. She's a beautiful example of Christ's love, and I'm proud to call her my sister and hope to follow in her footsteps.
So, to finish this long post, I want to let you know that I'm grateful for all of you readers and that I'm sorry that I haven't written a post dedicated to my Savior in a looong time. I also want you to know that if you have any questions regarding anything I said or mentioned, or about my Savior, please ask. I'll be sure to answer and help out as best as I can. I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember the glory and beauty of God and what He can do.


  1. Ahhh, Soph. I loved this.

    I am SO stoked you got to see Colton! I've been a fan since AI and I'd love to see him. I was always impacted by him on the show as well, how willing and unafraid he was to proclaim God's name, right there on that completely secular show. He sang "Everything" on the show and it almost brought me to tears. If you look it up on Youtube, there is a church that did a skit to it that is incredibly moving as well. And that line, "how can I stand here with You..." is also my favorite. Gah, it gets me every time!

    It's easy to live this life for ourselves. Sometimes I want to make my blog all about me, and try to appear "cool," and like I have it all together. But when I experience Christ in every day life, I feel consumed by Him and I wonder what's keeping me from showing that in every facet of life? It's a struggle we have as humans, because we naturally want to have all the attention.

    Girl, I struggle with my blog as well. I hesitate to share what God is doing sometimes, because I don't want to be judged as being this high and mighty, super spiritual-type person. And I end up overcompensating for that sometimes by ending up with negative posts and really self-centered type things. I think we have to get to a spot where we aren't into blogging for the number of views we have or how many people comment on our posts, but that it's just an outlet in general, for our writing, for whatever we want, and most importantly for our praise of God.

    Anyway, I could go on. haha! In short, I am happy you wrote this post as it will encourage others to be fearless. I'm cheering you on, sister! :) Hope your weekend is fabulous <3

  2. ok. so i wrote out a giant comment.
    and then it got lost. :(

    basically every point you made i love and agree with and i also am trying to change. i want to praise more. i want to tell people about Him. i just wanna thrive for Him and glorify my Lord with *everything* i do. with everything action i take and every thought i think.

    yep. this is one of my all time favoritest posts. <3

  3. Ohhh so true. I really like Colton Dixon and that song Everything, it is one of my top songs;)
    It makes me think, is God all I really need, do I put other things in front of Him? Like you said, it hits me like a ton of bricks. But sometimes like snow it floats through my defenses and makes me think.