Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Post Inspired by a Video

Just find me some woods, a pair of hiking boots, an old pair of jeans, an outdoor fire, a  creek to swim by, a banjo strumming, and a cup of coffee before we go and photos to remember it all.

We can make homemade blackberry jam and get lost in forests. We can pretend to be hikers and explorers that are making a film documentary for the people back home. We can pick some wildflowers, even the ones we're allergic to, and we can put them in our hair and in our baskets. We could skip rocks on the banks, and find railroad tracks to follow.
We could be reckless, the pair of us.
Reckless and wanderers.
We could find Adventure.


Or we could sit back in a comfortable rocking chair by a fireplace with a cup of tea(which I like, and you don't but you still have to try every Monday to see if your tastebuds have changed) and have a good old fashioned nice talk. About our hopes and dreams for the Future, like my simple ones of traveling, writing and having kids some day, and your crazy hopes of being a masterful mad scientist that will be more well known than Albert Einstein. About our childhood memories, how Aaron Carter was quite the heartthrob in that day and age for me and how the Power Rangers were your favorite t.v show and the green guy was your favorite. Maybe we'll just talk about whatever crosses our mind and whatever is enjoyable, but never politics because that's boring and we never have enough cups of tea to satisfy that sort of a talk.

I suppose either of those or neither of those will be alright with me. Yes, I love the ideas of all that I mentioned. But I am a girl of many loves. Also, I can't keep writing our stories without you. Because I can't predict the future. So, I know our adventures and stories together will be many and they will be full of joy and happiness. But I can't tell you what they are, and that's kinda alright by me. I'm always up for surprises, and taking roads where you can't see what's up ahead.
As long as I trust and follow You Lord and as long as my future and our future is in Your hands, I know my story, and our story, will be beautiful.


  1. I love this Soph! Its such a creative and beautiful way of expressing this feeling. I really identify with it. I just love it.