Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We're Here Now, But Who Knows How Long Now Will Be?

 I like visiting the past and getting excited about the future, but I also very much like living in the today. I think its all about balance, and I think im finally getting that balance worked out. I've learned a lot lately and one of the major things ive been learning throughout my life is; a. take it day by day and b. take things less seriously and let yourself go more often. If you bottle troubles, dwell on them, look back at the sad parts in your life, worry about whats ahead, hold grudges and don't move on and just live happily with the joy of Christ, your life isn't going to be that productive or happy or hopeful. I think if you think in the mindset of only having today to live, the better you'll make of the days and appreciate it. You know?

We're Here Now, But Who Knows How Long Now Will Be?
 Forever is Shorter Than You Think.
We don't have Forever.
At least not here,
not on earth.

You know having everything isn't what it's all cracked up to be.
Its when you strip things down and reach the core,
when you simplify your life and unplug,
when you live with less,
when you appreciate everything and have nothing,
That's where it's at.
That's where the colors of life are found.


  1. I was just thinking this this morning! I take every day for granted; each morning I wake up and I'm alive and breathing and healthy. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Very good advice. This is a lesson that sinks in more and more every year you are alive, because you experience things and see people leave this earth or even just people leave your life, and you know hurt and struggles and understand how sweet and valuable the good times are.

  3. I'm loving how you're posting these quotes:)
    This one happened to be one of my all-time favorites, and I'm not just saying that either;)

  4. Gosh, "nowadays" back then is just like "nowadays" today! There really is nothing NEW under the sun. ;)
    I hadn't heard that one before, but it's defintely timely!

    I love what you said at the very end. When we are in Christ, less really is more! <3

    xx ~Jenny