Friday, May 24, 2013

Little Me

Honestly, sometimes I wish I could go back to little me. This may sound weird since little me is still me, but I really loved little me. haha. I mean she was so innocent, and adventurous, and in her own world. She had the time of her life as a kid. She made the most of every opportunity. I mean she was everything. Literally everything. She was a mermaid from the Nick tv show H20, Kaylie from the movie a Quest for Camelot, Atreyu from The Neverending Story. She was whoever she wanted to be, and she was lost in those worlds for however long she wanted to be. She was also so excited about everything. Every little corner around the bend of life was a big surprise and she loved it all. I don't know, I guess I just appreciate that she was able to do that so easily. I think most of our younger selves are able to.

You know sometimes I wish I could go back in time and be an adult person and watch through their eyes how little me acted and was. You know? Because I think about some of the little kids I watch and admire today and they're totally oblivious to that because they're just in their own worlds. And I want to see how I was back then from their eyes. I want to see what little me does when she's around others. It's kind of odd of how quickly life seems to go when your older but you're so oblivious to it as a young kid. You just grow and change without realizing it. And at that time, you had like 10 to 11 years of childhood to enjoy and that's quite a bit of time but when you look back at it when you're 18, you can't seem to remember what all happened in those 10 to 11 years of childhood. You remember snippets. But you don't remember it all. And looking back, it always seems like it went by fast. Though, you know it didn't go by fast in your childhood mind.

I wish that adults could go back to being a bit ignorant sometimes. And innocent. And Aced the game of Pretend. And got surprised and happy about everything. But I know it can't be, and that's alright. We're aware, and informed and because of that we're smarter and stronger and there are Perks of being older too. But I still really like my Little Me. And sometimes I wish she could come back to visit. I think that's why in some areas in life, I try to let what's left of little me to come out and surface and have a bit of fun. No, it won't ever be the same. But it's where I'm supposed to be and how its supposed to be and being older has it perks too and life is beautiful. And sometimes you miss all that goes on around you and all the beauty when you are a young kid.
So now I'm old,
But I'm also Young.
And that's Okay.
19 is a nice, ripe age to be.


  1. Freaking yes. i know exactly what you mean.
    this is why i've always, even since i first read peter pan when i was 10, wanted to never grow up.
    i *still* wish i was 10. haha. being a kid was just epic.
    but like you said, being grown up is pretty nice too. ;))

  2. I know what you mean! And once you have a child, it'll be the wildest thing watching them go through this stage and wishing even more you could be like them. I try to take a lot of photos and videos so my son will always remember this happy, magical, ignorant stage in his life :)

  3. Hi there! I am first time visiting your blog and you might have heard this many times but your blog is amazing. It's simple, straight and contains actual matter. I really liked your writing style above all. Bang! A new follower. you will see more of me on your blog in the future :)
    And this post was a great read :)

  4. Sophie~~ I freaking love that post. It's awesome, and soooooooooo relatable. lol. I'm content! I don't wanna grow up anymore! I don't wanna! lol.