Thursday, May 16, 2013

Definition of Summer

Definition of Summer:
The smell of salt and sunscreen, the sun making its mark on your skin, the squeaky sound of flipflops on pavement, the taste of cold melting ice cream on your tongue, the painted toe nail polish and hip sunglasses, the spontaneity of the season, the unplanned adventures, the bits of traveling, the discovery of what a summer can hold, the welcoming comfort of the water lapping around you, the soft sound of crashing waves, the points of the broken seashells, the awe of the sand sculptures, the smell and taste of Freedom etched on every single day, the coffee runs, the Country music on, the trying of new things and having new hopes, the sun highlighting my hair blonde, the sleeping in, the reading of the sappy romance novels that talk about Summer days, leaving troubles behind, cottages and cabins, watersides and mountains, the calm beautiful mornings, roadtrips, sparkling stars, hellos and goodbyes, change, the heat and the beat, the patriotism, the whole world awakening, the never ending sunshine, unruly hair, forever young, the seagulls chirping, the occasional thunderstorm and a deep love and reverence for the passing days.

(That's me, right there.)
This is the essence of Summer for me. These are the songs and the words that sing and scream Summer. Summer is here, and gah I love it. I'll be ready for it to end when Fall comes 'round again, but for now, I'm gonna soak up the sun and the fresh air and enjoy the beauty in it. I made up a Summer playlist the other day, maybe you want to hear it?  :) If this post didn't get you pumped up for Summer... I'm not sure what will. Just enjoy it, okay? Make it meaningful, memorable, and eventful.
'Cause it's up to you, really.
This week I've had my beautiful share of sunshine and will continue to have more to come.
Summer, I think I'm in love with you.


  1. Sophie!! You are making me feel wretched sitting here in an office wishing I was out enjoying summer! Lol. Okay, not really wretched, but really wishing I was out enjoying all these things up there! You succeeded in pumping me up for summer ;) hehe.

    YES share your playlist!! I am in need of new music, bring it on!

  2. P.S. I am not a summer person at all, so that is quite a feat :P

  3. Yes! Share your playlist!! See, I am so excited I added another exclamation point!
    I really love all of these;) I adore summer and spring, and winter, but I love fall the best:) Summer is free! It's open and filled with wonderful things!
    Ohhh I can't wait to get it going!

  4. yes i know exactly what you mean :) so happy it's a long weekend to get out there for the first rays of summer.

  5. OhIlovethisSoph! <3 <3 <3
    That second picture is narwhale and the last is awesome too! 8D

    "She acts like Summer and walks like Rain" That's so cute!
    "Live your life in verbs" <--- That sounds amazing, I am going to start doing that. =)

    Suuuuuuuuumemer I'm a waitin' for ya!

    xx ~Jenny