Thursday, May 9, 2013

Horrid Eyesight

Lemme tell you something...
I have to wear glasses or contacts in order to see. I only wear my glasses occasionally(for movies and tv and such) and I'm working on trying to get my contacts in so I can wear em regularly.
But I'm not at that point yet.

However, these past couple of days with the gentle wind blowing, the sun bright enough to shine and be appreciated, not disgusted, the air smooth enough to breathe in, and the sights breathtaking, I've been thinking a lot about it. I was in Downtown St.Pete these last couple of days, one for fun, the other for a Boston Marathon Memorial Run. Both times I were by the pier, one in the day right before the sun was setting where it gleamed on the water scintillating and sparkling with the sky was orange and yellow, the other into the night as the sun was going down and the clouds pink and purple and the sea a shocking turquoise color. It's crazy how that was the same place, just a day apart from each other and different times. I also watched as the pier changed from green, to purple, to pink, to red, to blue in the night and as all the city lights popped up out all of the sudden. And I thought a simple though;
Life is beautiful. It really is. Metaphorically, but really, literally. And I can see that, even with my horrid eyesight. I can see how beautiful the earth and God's creation is and sometimes I am just taken in aw by it. I can describe to you in words, and show you pictures of how it looked in that one moment, but it's not the same as existing and living and breathing and seeing the beauty all around you.

I hope we never get used to beautiful things, and that we don't take them for granted and that we'll always appreciate the beauty around us.
I hope we realize how honored we are to get to experience such beauty day by day.
And I hope we can find joy in the beauty and wonderful creation around us despite all the bad things that color the world black from time to time.
I think sometimes, we just need to slow it down.
Re-appreciate things.
Look at the World like we're seeing it for the first time.
And revel in it.
Even if you have horrid eyesight like me.


  1. "I hope we never get used to beautiful things, and that we don't take them for granted and that we'll always appreciate the beauty around us."

    oohhhhh my goodness, those words are so beautiful.

  2. Oh,I'm a nearsighted person too!! ...and we can still see all the beauty around. This is Soooo good Soph! =D
    boy, I 've missed your writing; our computer has no WiFi at el momento but once we get it fixed I will catch up on your posts. =) <3


    P.s. The words you used are just so..vivid! Love it!

  3. I really like your thoughts - and yes, life is beautiful!