Friday, November 30, 2012

You Clicked your Heels and wished for Me...

It's Thursday night in which I am writing this.
I have a lot on my mind...
I'm tired.
It's 11:24 pm.
I should sleep.
But I won't.
I'll get to do that soon enough.
Right now I'm reveling in my good mood and dreams.
I'm dreaming about small diners with twinkling lights and catchy music.
Some day I'm going to go to a cozy all night diner and enjoy the presence of it.
I'll probably have a cup of coffee or two.
I might read a book while I'm there and I have hours to spare.
I'm also thinking about when I get an apartment some day.
I think every now and then I will order chinese food and watch the News channel.
Because I don't do either of those things right now but it seems appropiate to do them when I get an apartment.
I also want to travel.
I also wish real hobbits existed like Sam and Frodo and Merry and Pippin.
Because I love them and wish the actors were really the characters and that i could meet the characters and give them hugs because they make me happy and because they're so sweet and I want to be friends with them.
 And they make me cry occasionally.
I also want to fall in love and be caught when I fall in love.
I also want to quit taking wrong turns and wrong directions.
I'm also too tired to think things through.
Good morning by the way, since it's morning in which you are probably reading this.
Go get yourself some pancakes, and relax, it's Friday.

Today is the last day of November. Make it count.
Make it matter.
Give it a Proper Farewell.
Write it a letter.
Give a hug to some one who looks like they need it.
And tell that lady who looks kind of stern and cranky but is probably just like you only having a bad day that she is beautiful.
Because those kind of things matter more than you probably think they do.
They probably cure more bad days than you think they would.
And even if that lady doesn't say thank you or even if she denies it and walks away,
she probably appreciated it more than you will ever know.
Alright, that's enough now.
Off you go.
You've got some adventure to go on,
an act of kindness to do,
a story to tell,
people to inspire.



  1. you inspire me! i feel like im locked in a prison til 5. i wish to do all these things yet am so limitted while i am here. sometimes i wish i could tell someone i think theyre beautiful or that they have a lovely smile but im too shy. i think i will try my very hardest to be more honest with people. thanks for, as always, inspiring me!

  2. You're lovely, but I'm pretty sure I've told you that before ;)
    I love Samwise, he's the best character in those stories, Frodo would be so lost without him, I need myself a Sam. <3

    1. ps.
      i've always wished that hobbits were real, actually i've wished myself a hobbit before, i'd love to get into all sorts of fun mischief with Merry and Pip!

  3. We LOVES hobbitses, my precious!!

  4. I LOVE Sam too. He is my most favorite hobbit. I dream about my own apartment every day. Cause I will TOTALLY order chinese and pizza all the time... I've always lived too far out of city limits to order food so I can't wait to do that, haha.

    Thanks for your sweet comments lately on my blog about my writing! It is truly, truly encouraging knowing somebody gets what I write, haha. Thanks girl!

  5. Beautiful post! Oh, I love this. :) I want to be friends with Hobbits too... That would be just so ethereal.

    And you are so right, those things really *do* matter more than we'd think they do. :)

  6. Hobbites, hobbites...Merry and Pippin sure were awesome! I always felt sorry for Frodo though, after the first hour in the movie he has to look sad and sick the rest of the movie! Poor guy... =(