Monday, November 12, 2012

Giving the Academy a Rain Check

It's okay to be torn sometimes as long as that some times doesn't turn into forever.

So, you want to hear what's been going on in my life?
Busy-ness. As usual.
On Friday, I slept in as I usually do on Fridays.
Then I awoke, gobbled some oatmeal and gulped down my Coffee and went to go get some shots. (Fun stuff, lemme tell ya. :P )
Then me and my Mom and sista's did some uneccesary shopping(the best kind) and ate some Wendy's/
Then my friend Heidi came over and we watched Remember Me.
I don't remember who's in that movie though...
^^See what I did there? Heehee. I'm just kidding.
Heidi is one of my best friends and she turned 18 on Monday.
So we initiated a get together so we could sort of celebrate and I could give her my gift.
After we watched the movie, we went to Indian Rock's Jamboree which was loads of fun. She goes every year because it always falls on her birthday week. But I'd never gone to one before, so it was thrilling. :)
Saturday, I had a soccer game and then went thrift shopping with my sister and Mom for a ball dress. Then I went swing dancing with a group of people. Rocked the hand jive and such. And got a hug from a stranger. Sunday, consisted of the usual: Church, Dance Rehearsels and Young Adults.
So that's my update!
(By the way, It's Time by Imagine Dragons. LISTEN TO IT. Your life will never be the same again if you haven't heard this song before and you listen to it now. It's that good. So catchy. Makes me happy and dancy and gets stuck in my head and forces me to use it's lyric as my blog post title.)
Love you all<3
I will be actually reading and commenting on your blogs now.
I've just had a hectic weekend.
And for some reason blogger isn't letting me upload pictures right now. I'll try to get that worked out as soon as I can.
In the meanwhile,
Keep on rockin' like you do.


  1. looks like you had fun! As opposed to me, staying in all day most of the time :(

    +To Me It Matters+

  2. HII!!!! I feel like i'm a really bad blogger friend because i haven't been commenting on your blog. But! I did read them all {like..just right now}. Sounds like you've had a weekend similar to mine! busy is fun but I'm looking forward to relaxing<3 Actually, i've had an insanely busy whole week..and I'm sure this week will be the same:p
    I seriously love the last post btw...and this one is great too<3

  3. Haha! Wow. Your weekend was a lot busier than mine. All I did was draw and NaNo. :D And now I need to do school and NaNo. Hee! I love 'It's Time' I found it and loved it about a week ago. XD

  4. Wow this post is amazing!Very cute !love this!
    !Love your sense of style!!

  5. I love how real you are and how you just share your daily life! I need to do that more. Oooo! I'll go check out that song now =} Thanks for the heads up ;)


  6. Ohh, thrifting for a ball dress sounds so wonderful! :)

  7. Sooo jealous that you are going to a ball, let me tell you. And swing dancing sounds amazing.

  8. Heheh, watched Remember Me and didn't remember who was in it! =D *grins*
    I echo Lacey, swing dancing and waltzing are on my to do list!