Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Warts and All

Have you ever had a conversation with yourself inside your head?
Like "Hi self, how are you doing today?"
"I'm doing pretty good thanks for asking."
"You are most welcome."
Sometimes I do that when I'm hyper or bored and then I laugh at the thought of me having a conversation with myself especially if I'm in a public place.

Sometimes the lights in my bedroom are just bright enough to keep me dreaming.
And sometimes the music has just enough words in it to keep me cozy.
And sometimes the idea of falling in love still is beautiful and not heartbreaking.

Have you ever come up with an extremely good quote and thought;
"I wish I was famous because then more people would quote this. Because hardly anyone quotes a quote from some one normal unless it's on their facebook status which barely counts."
That happens to me too. Sometimes I'll say something I think is really smart that probably isn't all that smart and I definitely think that more people should be quoting it around the universe. haha.

Sometimes acoustic guitars sound like lullabies made only for me to hear.
And cups of coffee still remind me of home.
And the stars still shine despite the problems the world is facing.

I found out by accident that there's a lightswitch thing in the fridge and that the door hits it when you shut it which is why the lights go out in the fridge when you shut the door and it doesn't actually just magically turn off by itself every time the door is shut. 

My mind went to a different continent when I made this discovery. That's how far it was blown.

Sometimes putting my hair up makes me feel sophisticated.
And maps make the world feel smaller and larger than it really is.
And smiles are always just right.

Okay, well that's some of my silly quirks. I have a few of them. Just like when I was younger, I would move my chair in front of the window in my bedroom so that if a robber or kidnapper ever tried to get in he would trip over the chair and that would give me enough time to run out of the room and get help from my parents. Yeah. I was a smart kid. I know, I know. Hold the applause;)

These are my quirks. But if you love some one, you love them no matter what.
No matter what quirks.
No matter what oddities.
Warts and All.




  1. always creating a smile on my face!!

  2. lol. :) yes. I definitely have had those conversations.
    Dude! That fridge light thing, when i figured that out the first time my mind was definitely blown. :D

    {p.s. Avocado salsa dip?? Sounds amazing. :D }

  3. Cute quirks. The robber story is too funny haha crazy what kids think of!

    And I love love love that picture with the quote "the future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty." Perfect.

  4. I don't have conversations with myself like that, but I do imagine having conversations with other people, but they never go how I imagined they would. I know how Snoopy feels in that comic, I love it when this time of year comes around but it seems like my life is flying by.

  5. HAhaha this was cute. I remember when I first discovered the fridge-light switch thing. Totally blew my mind too. I was convinced there were elves that lived in my fridge before.

  6. Hee! I did the same thing with the fridge. 'Cept I closed it reaaaaaaally slowly so that I could figure out when the light turned off. :)

  7. such truth in this post. aaaand I love those cute aristocats!

  8. LOL!!! Great post! I love the third picture from the bottom. too cool! <3

  9. I love it! This post is great. Love the first picture :)

  10. I love this all! And oh goodness, I remember he moment I discovered the refrigerator light too! It's funny how certain things you wouldn't think would make an impact in your life do.

    "Sometimes the lights in my bedroom are just bright enough to keep me dreaming. And sometimes the music has just enough words in it to keep me cozy. And sometimes the idea of falling in love still is beautiful and not heartbreaking." that was perfect.

    And I was going to reply to your comment on my blog, but I'll do that here. Thank you so, SO much for the comment. It helped make my day, and was such a blessing! :)

  11. Coversations? Always. I may be wierd, but that is the only way I talk to myself. Or think rather. It is in a conversation. With myself.
    And the quotes thing is sooooo me!!!! ALL THE TIME. I just like quotes period. But, anyway, when they're mine, its extra special... :D
    Pictures were great (as always. :). I really liked the getting your hands dirty one.