Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November!

So today is November guys.
You know what that means?

It means its almost Thanksgiving which means it's almost December which means it's almost time for our North Carolina trip which then means it's almost Christmas!!!!

I might be a little bit excited about these two months and the festivities it holds.
I love memories and I love seasonal food and decorations.
I love happy people being happy because it makes me happy.


So this past  week I've found out that I wanted to try a few things before I die.
Like, realistic goals or accomplishments.
I have no idea when I will die.
It could be tomorow.
It could be in ten years.
It could be when I'm old and gray.
It could be any of those days in between.
If I die and never have the chance to do these things, I'll obviously be okay with it.
Because there are more important things to focus on in life.
And when I'm dead, I won't care.
But I still think it's fun to have goals, and it's fun to get things accomplished.
So, I compiled a list of the things I've been wanting to do.
Things to Accomplish
1. Run in a Marathon.
2. Try a Yoga class. (May seem like a weird request, but I've never done it.)
3. Try a Maple Latte. (Taylor Swift put that idea in my mind)
4. Write a Song with Another Person.
5. Give a Stranger a gift on Christmas Eve or Christmas. (Even if it's just something baked, or ordinary, I think it would be nice to give some one I don't know a gift. I think it'd make them happy.)
6. Splatter Paint White Clothes with a Friend.
7. Live in the Country. (You may think I'm kidding...)
8. Eat Waffles at 2 am preferably at Waffle House or Denny's. (You can thank "Along for the Ride" for that one.)
That's all I got so far.
Anything I should add?
Anything you want to accomplish?

By the way, does anybody else miss her curls?
I liked her hair better like that.
However, I am digging the new vintage look.



  1. Sounds exciting!! I'm psyched about christmas parties coming up finally. They're my favorite. :D And my new nephew. He should be here *any* day now and I can't wait!! :D
    We were listening to Christmas music in the car yesterday...
    Those are fun things. I've never tried a yoga class either...I think I'd be embarrassed. lol.
    fun pictures. ^_^

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE this blog!! I'm glad I found it this morning! I love your list of things to accomplish as well. I posted something similar recently. May I follow your blog???

  3. CHRISTMAAASSSS! I'm so excited about Christmas! I was excited in September.... *cough*

    I hope you get to all of your things to accomplish!

    As for Taylor Swift, yeah, I think she should stick with curls. God gives people curls for a reason you know. And I know it's easier to deal with straight hair, but it's SO bad for it to straighten it. lol. :) I wish I could do her new bangs though. And yes, I LOVE her new vintage look!

  4. I've always wanted to run a marathon too! I love yoga, I took a class a few years ago and it was awesome. Maybe slightly awkward the first few times, but there are a good twenty or so other people doing it, so it's not so weird once you get used to each other.

    Living in the country is the best for your soul. You would love it.

    This is a great list! :)

  5. #4&8 accomplished :)
    I really want to take a yoga class! I'm totally psyched about these next two months! ^_^

  6. Great bucket list! Im with you on the country thing:) Only I need mountains...heaps and heaps of mountains and wee sheep for a dash of whimsy. Hmmm... I have a million things I want to do before I die but my top 2 would have to be Climbing the Matterhorn is Switzerland and diving to the Titanic remains. If I accomplished those two things I think I would be pretty darn happy.

  7. Hello! Im new to the blogging world and I came across your page! And I love it ;) good job! Great bucket list and also I def. miss T swifts curls, she looks best with them! xO