Saturday, November 17, 2012


just forget the world.
things like capitals don't exist.
there is no such thing as too many periods or fragmented sentences.
so dont let it bother you.
don't let the lack of punctuation in that last sentence upset you.
don't let anything upset you today.
or nothing.
don't let nothing upset you either.
don't let people tell you to take a deep breath.
you can take a shallow one if that's what you want.
you can paint the sky Maroon if you want.
you can eat macaroons and read about the stars if you want.
you can even name one after me if you want.
or after your dog.
or cat.
or little sister.
or after george washington.
or your mom.
or great great aunt.
you can fly if you hold onto the magic inside your soul.
if you want magic inside your soul.
love today.
and tomorow.
and yesterday.
and five years from now.
and forty years ago.
love it all.
you have no room for hate.
you have no room for worries.
you have no room.
no room.
no room


you'll get it some day
what it is that you'll get, i have no idea
 I'd die for this camera<3 I already named it Theo. I hope I win it. But I also hope you win it. Because if you won it, I'd be happy too. Because I'd know that Theo has a good home. So enter the giveaway! And goodluck. :)


  1. No worries yes. It's difficult to live so but always worth a try.
    It's beautiful!!
    Just got a glimpse of Theo.. :D
    What a beauty indeed!!!

    +To Me It Matters+

  2. Love today. Love tomorrow. Love yesterday. Thank you :)

    (and good luck to us both in the giveaway ;)