Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pink Carnation and a Pick-Up Truck

Love slaps hard like a rubber band,
Love is a timer run out of sand.
Love is a timer that loses it's sand.
Hearts willingly bleed for the fun of it all,
They never think to look before they fall.
They never look, they always fall.
Love looks like a gift wrapped up all nice,
Who knew that gift would come with a price.
Gifts shouldn't come with a price.
It only asks for your soul, heart, and mind,
Never holding it with care as the clock unwinds.
Noone cares but the clock always unwinds.
Fallen on your back and bitter in your mouth,
You were aiming for North, but you got South.
Sometimes North points you South.
Hard as Stone untill you saw his eyes,
Trusting his hand, giving another try.
Trust always gives second tries.
Love mends when time gives way,
New love wipes away dismay.
New love shines in the darkest of days.
New love tells the heart; It'll be okay.
New heart, it'll be okay.
New heart, I'll be okay.

I know the pictures have nothing to do with the poem but whatevers. Everyone likes pictures. Especially ones of people kissing lobsters.
It's a lob-story baby just say yes.
^^10 points to people who laughed at that. :D haha.

--I thought it was a good day for an old writing post. I had an enjoyable Friday and will have an enjoyable Saturday. :) I have a soccer game and me and my Mom and older sis are going Christmas shopping at the mall later. Once again, as most weekends are, I'm going to be busy. But as soon as I can, I will catch up on ya'all's blog posts. Have a good day! --


  1. I had to read it twice but yes, I did laugh! =D Haha. That's a hilarious picture, I don't suppose he turned into prince charming did he?
    I really like the first picture, it's so peaceful and blue! Pretty cool.


  2. oh, lyrics. :) love them every time. Those are lovely ones, too! I love the pictures! 'specially the second one.
    Christmas Shopping!! Oh gosh. Excited over here. I haven't gotten *any* of my shopping done yet...I should get right on that 'cause Christmas is just around the corner! xD I'm so ready to bust out the christmas decorations...

    Thanks for your opinion on the haircuts! :D hehe. Every time I look at that first picture more I want it worse...Mum said it'd look good on me and I'm thinkin' I'll just go for it. I still haven't completely decided. Knowing me, I won't know what I'm gonna do until I'm actually getting it cut...^_^

  3. My goodness I'm so glad I found this blog. This is some profoundly deep writing and it truly moved me. Keep up the amazing work Sophie and I hope you didn't mine me visiting your blog :)

  4. Ten points for me, yay! Haha. Cute pictures and beautiful words :)

  5. I love your words and your pictures. Very cute! :)

  6. That poem... sheesh, you're just amazing at writing poems, girl! I love that one.

    Oooh, Christmas shopping. :D Have fun! And that lobster joke was perfect, haha!

  7. lovely writing, as always dear! cute, cute pictures! your hair is so curly!

    lindsey louise

  8. Beautiful post! Also, love the a lob story line!

  9. love how you write! Cute cute blog! xo