Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Eve

So, it turns out I do have time to blog! Yay!
I wasn't sure I would. But since I've been stuck at home, I really haven't been that busy.
I worked on a few Christmas gifts but that was about it.
Today, though, is pie making day.
I very much appreciate this day. :)
Other side topics: The song Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners is a really catchy song.
Also, Les Miserables. The movie. I can'twaittoseethisimliterallyfreakingoutoverthetrailerohmygosh.
It's always been my favorite musical, so naturally I was pysched when I heard they were making a movie out of it.
And naturally I was pysched when I saw the casting because I mean, who wouldn't be.
And naturally I freaked over the trailer because it's so darn perfect and beautiful and gives me chills.
Lastly, I've gotten some sort of blue feeling sinking in. Probably because I'm tired and because my friend doesn't want to be my friend anymore. But I'm also keeping my chin up because Thanksgiving is tomorow and because I'm thankful for the friends I do have, my puppy, my family, the fact that my older sister is at home all of this week, the fact that we can play cards together and watch Edward Scissorhands, thankful that I can make yummy pies with my sisters, thankful that I can laugh. Because what would this world be if one couldn't laugh? I'm glad I can laugh.

Now, I'm going to leave you with a fluffy dog, a kind word, and a maginificent camera. (is if such another kind could exist)

I need to practice the art of grace more.
I should start following the example of my Teacher.
I'm thankful for His grace, His love, His blood that paid my sins and washed them away.
Be thankful. :)
Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


  1. happy thanksgiving eve to you too my dear!! making pie with your sisters sounds like such a lovely evening :) im wishing you well, friend. thanks for my daily smile and inspiration xo

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    It would be easy to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. But that would seem superficial given all the suffering in this world. Hunger, poverty, homelessness, unrest in the Middle East, and the destruction of Hurricane Sandy…we could go on and on.

    But we believe that no matter our circumstances each and every one of us has something to be thankful for…something to hang on to no matter how difficult things might seem.

    It might be something as small as the grip of an infant upon our finger or a warm smile from a total stranger. Or it might be something as momentous as news that cancer is in remission. There is always something that keeps us going…something to be thankful for.

    So let us give thanks for that “something”… that wonderful “something” that brightens our lives and helps us through the day. God Bless you

    Please this Thanksgiving and Christmas help a Christian family. Check it out on Indiegogo at

  3. oooh!! That picture of that Great Pyrenees made me all kinda sad and happy. :') We had a gorgeous Great Pyr named Allie for eleven years and she died this last Spring...<3 I love that picture. now I feel nostalgic and sentimental. <3
    It is pie making day! :D We have a LOT of pies to make today....pies and cookies and whatnot. :) and cleaning. lotsa cleaning.
    Happy Thanksgiving eve!! ^_^ <3

  4. Awe! That puppy is magnificent! Edward Scissor Hands is epic, sadly I'm the only one in my family who appreciates the morbid beauty of that movie :p Tim Burton is the best director pretty much EVER. :D
    I'm sorry about that blue feeling, but I'm glad you're choosing to be thankful and stuffz, thats always the best attitude to go with! <3
    Happy Thanksgiving eve! *cyberhugs*

  5. Mmm, I made a Pecan and the Pumpkin is in the oven as I type! =D
    Laughter is the best medicine! I always try to make sure I get my daily dose...;)
    Ooh, I love the dress of the camera holder too, 'tis beautiful. <3
    Ahh, a fluffy dog, fluffy snow...perfect combination.
    Not hearers of the word only but doers too...yeah, we know it all we just need to DO it. Glad you posted today! =D


    P.s. Happy Givingthanks day eve to you too!

  6. *GASP* I LOVE that dog!!!!! Ditto Rachel's comment. :'-) I loved my dog! Mom announced today that she wants to get another Pyr in the spring! I was so happy! <3

  7. You always find the joy in things, and it makes us readers feel that same joy. :)

    Laughs are priceless, and sisters are the best gifts ever. <3 Oh good gracious, I LOVE "Come on Eileen". It's so cheery and takes me back to being a lil' kid, in the blink of an eye. :D

    "I'm thankful for His grace, His love, His blood that paid my sins and washed them away." Amen to that. <3

    I hope you such a blessed, happy Thanksgiving, friend! :)

  8. Love the first picture! That dress is gorgeous :)