Thursday, November 29, 2012


Lay asleep your fallen hopes,
 Keep on pulling your cut off ropes.
Run with the sleeping sheep,
 Don't drown yourself in a pool too shallow to be deep.
Don't keep count of all the things you've lost,
 Or you'll find yourself in the debt of higher costs.
Set sail to the sea of meaning,
 Close your eyes to the smiles dimly beaming.
Listen to no one, but listen to me,
 Don't listen to Anyone or Anything.

Thats all I got today.
Sometimes I write about things that make no sense.
Also, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be loved.
If I'll ever fall in love with someone who loves me as much as I love him.
I suppose I got time to find out.
But I wonder.
Because sometimes I feel like it won't happen.
Because I'm too awkward and weird.
But I'll keep waiting.
I'll keep waiting while time passes.
Because thats the way time works.
You wait.
It keeps going.


  1. you will, you're an incredible girl. some guy is going to be entirely enchanted by you someday :) xo

  2. we are all awkward and weird in our own ways. Someone is going to love that in you :) Enjoy this time in life while it lasts.

  3. The poem is just brilliant. I love that style, because it's sort of like Adam Young lyrics and I find more meaning in that a lot of times that straight forward, plain talk.

    I'm sure God is aligning your love story right now. There's a guy, who's the perfect match, and when you find him you will think it strange to remember a time without him. You're not too awkward and weird, not at all! So, please don't think that. I think we're always our worst critics, I know I'm mine. But the truth is, your personality is going to be *just* what your future husband needed and wanted the most. :)

  4. I do love the poem too! It actually resonates closely to many things I've been experiencing and thinking about. Thank you for writing it!

    Also, to echo everything everyone else said... you will fall in love some day and he with you! You are NOT too awkward and weird, you are perfectly awkward and weird enough for that guy ;) Hehe. But really, I've found when we stop looking for things we really want, we end up finding them. I would encourage you to focus on God, that is the only reason I am not a mess waiting for my guy.

    Anyway, lots of love and encouragement to you! Hope you have a great day <3

  5. I wonder the same thing a lot, Soph. I like to please people, but I always feel like I annoy everyone a little. :-/ But I firmly believe that there is that one person for everyone... I just hope I find mine before I'm thirty. :)

  6. I love the poem! Its wonderful, and so are you btw. you're going to make some guy very happy someday, i'm sure of it!

  7. Yeah, I like that poem Soph, the imagery and meaning...I enjoyed it. =D
    I don't wanna be redundant...but I was going to say the same as Michelle. =)Although I'll add that I'm sure you Are weird, but it's the good, safe kind. ;)And it'll make you stand out from the all the look-and-act-alike clones.