Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Little Bit of my Life

Hello my lovely friends. :)
I thought I'd catch up with you and let you know the exciting events that have taken place in my life. It's been busy, and it's going to be real busy.
That's life.
But I have the time right now to let you all know what I've been up to, and for the most part it's been fun stuff.
So, naturally, I'm excited to share these with you all. :)
Well, I told you about my warm Thanksgiving and then me getting sick and then the decorating and putting up of our tree. Those events occured from Thursday- Saturday.
On Sunday, we went to Church. Then after church my sister Gracie and my friends Austin and Cody, were all just hanging around. We impromptuly(my made up word that I use from time to time), decided to go to a local diner called Savory's for lunch. It was loads of fun and something we haven't done in ages. I think the fact that it was out of the blue made it the most exciting. Then in the afternoon, I got to shoot some pictures of my friend's son Hunter. He was adorable. <3 It was a great time and the weather was sooo pleasant. After that, our family and our best friend Austin went down to a place called John's Pass and walked their boardwalk and looked at small touristy shops and places all lit up with lights. We stopped into a confection store where they basically had anything and everything dipped in chocolate (belgian waffles, bacon, pistachios, bananas, EVERYTHING.) I got a cup of coffee, which was sort of crappy, but I didn't care because it was cold outside and I needed it. It was a picture perfect day. :)
On Monday, the day part was pretty boring. I went to my College classes, came home and wrote a paper. But then I had some leftover time in the day to work on some more Christmas presents, and watch some Survivor with my Daddy. Also, when my Mom came home that evening from working out, we decided to take a walk in a nearby neighborhood. The weather was cold, the houses were traditionally lit with christmas trees in the windows, and it was perfect. It was a nice way to de-stress considering all the assignments piled up for the last two-three weeks of College semester.
Tuesday wasn't all that eventful; I had school, more Christmas present making, and soccer practice.
And we'll see what's in store for today. :)


 I bet that felt really good.
Smashing that plate.
I'd like to do that for fun.

So, i would have shown you pictures from my weekend but weirdly it won't let me upload my photos to here. :( I'm sorry. If I ever figure it out, I'll upload them.

How has your week been?
Right now, I want to have a random dance party with myself and good music.
But instead I'm sipping a hot cup of tea and making art.
That's pretty cool too though, I must admit.



  1. sounds like a very lovely week so far, lady! wishing you well for the remainder of it. Mine has been pretty relaxing, work, snow, cooking, TV show catch up, the normal week routine :)

  2. Aww sounds like an awesome few days! Hope it continues to be just as awesome :) My week has been kinda lame... being sick and such. But you know what? I think it's still been great in its own way.

    By the way, random dance parties with your self are the BEST!

  3. Sounds nice! Oh, the part about the coffee made me think of "the worlds BEST coffee" in Elf, haha! Random dance parties are awesome, but making art is pretty awesome too. :)

  4. I love being impromptu with friends. <3 :D It's fun *every* time. It sounds like a positively gorgeous weekend. :)
    The plate smashing? yeah. I bet it did feel good. I love that. lol.
    haha. I regularly have random dance parties with myself and good music....<3

  5. eh. i want to smash plates with Joe. <3 and Zooey can join us. ^_^

  6. Jgl is sooo cute :) and I love the quote in that last picture. Lovely post my friend!

  7. You are so inspiring, always :) I love the last quote especially. Sounds like you've had a good week so far - blessings to the rest of the week :) Love!

  8. Your week sounds kinda like mine, only Sunday wasn't so eventful, I stayed at church to help put up Christmas dec. and then I made pinwheels. (sorta like mini-cinnamon rolls only with leftover pie dough)
    Monday:school! With an interval of teaching friends to knit in the round. (The kind with 4 sticks that looks real complicated)
    Tuesday: school. =D
    Makin art sounds great! I did some of that today, luckily it's part of my school. ;)and yes, what you look for IS what you see, 'specially in art. =D
    Sorry you couldn't upload your pics! =(

  9. You always have the best collection of graphics!

    Monday sounds like a pretty nice night! Night walks are the best and I'm loving the christmas lights around here too. Actually spent my Monday looking like a fool on the apartment balcony untangling 350 mini lights for the railings haha