Monday, November 19, 2012


My Busy Life Somewhat Captured in Pictures

I always make weird faces when people take pictures of me.
Oh gosh.

I'm taking joy in life. Like joy in weird pictures. Finding joy in dancing in the kitchen in my neon mixmatched socks listening to a playlist I created. Having joy in a day off of College and spending it coming up with Christmas ideas and buying people gifts or supplies to make gifts. Having joy in two cups of Coffee. Having joy in Peppermint ChickFila Milkshakes. Having joy in Christmas decorated stores. Having joy in classical music. Having joy in the promising upcoming Thanksgiving break. Having joy in deciding on my major (English) finally. Having joy in good friends and laughter. Having joy in partaking in a Secret Santa. Having joy in campfires and hot chocolate. Having joy in teaching some one how to douggy. Having joy in the freedom of no school. Having joy in scoring a goal. Having joy in Breaking Dawn 2 and infinite moments. Having joy in Thanksgiving day Turkey shopping. Having joy in getting to do what I love; writing and photography.
Oh there are joys out there.
Find them.
Hug them.
Love them.

(I'm sorry, I've been doing a bad job on checking up on people's blogs. I'm going to try to find time to do that later today once I get back from my college classes, and Thanksgiving shopping.)


  1. i love your hair!! cheers to figuring out your major- thats huge! i find joy in reading happy blogs- like yours, and seeing people smile, knowing that thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday and how many fabulous people are in my life :) wishing you well this week xo

  2. BLUE!!!!! Super cute! <3 <3 And those pictures are so fun!

  3. Heheh. At least you can make faces and still look cute. :)

    Happeh Thanksgiving!

  4. I LOVE this post, Sophie! For one, I know about those peppermint milkshakes. Sheesh, they're like happiness in a cup. (:

    Annnd, the pictures are just great. Both of you could so be models! Bumper cars are pretty much the best ever, are they not?

    I'm being so random with all of this, *but* lastly thank you for reminding me of all the joys out there. They're countless. :)

  5. Love the hair streak and love all the great pictures. :) I awarded you on my blog!

  6. Love this! I always enjoy reading your blog :)

  7. Awww!!!! Love all the pics, but the last three are my favorites!!! I always end up making some weird face too... LOL! :D

    Love life. Love, love, LOVE life.....

  8. Cool! You voted! I'm lookin' forward to that. =D
    I really like the fire pictures, o.0 I haven't played around with fire and my camera very much at all! ;)


    P.s. I'm rather behind on blogs too! =O

  9. Aww :) I love carnivals! Always such great times :) And your hair is GORGEOUS btw girl!!! ;D


  10. ooooh!!! Is that a Fair? I love fairs so much. <3 ^_^ Those pictures are fantastic. it looks like a lovely time. :)

  11. Love this post and the photos! Looks like so much fun! :)