Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 10th

Today I am thankful for Christmas.
I love Christmas.
I love the whole season.
It's so joyful and magical.
I could go on about the things I love about Christmas.
But tonight I will just talk a little bit about it.
I didn't have any plans for the night but my friends and I impromtuly decided to have a homework study party in one of my friend's dorms.
Then it turned into a christmas themed one.
I brought my holiday flavored jelly beans,
brewed cinnamon vanilla nut coffee,
and strung a couple of lights
as my friend played christmas music and lit a tree smelling like candle.

It was lovely.
Then when we finished our homework, we watched a cheesy kind of stupid Christmas movie called;
"Christmas with the Kranks".
It was dumb.
But I had never seen it before and it was Christmas themed.
So, it was perfect for tonight.

It was just a taste of christmas before the christmas season.

I'm excited now. 
I can't wait for Thanksgiving and after Thanksgiving.
I love Christmas.

And I am thankful for what it is, the reason for it, the joy of it, and that it can make a normal day turn from normal to special.

Christmas is wonderful.

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  1. I love your style of writing! very uplifting, check out some of my work, its slightly dark but I am always seeking constructive criticism to improve!