Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nov. 7th and 8th

So, I said yesterday that I would post two posts but alas, the second one never happened because I became busy so I will write in this post what I am thankful for today and what I was thankful for yesterday.


I am thankful for the gift of laughter. 
It's precious and beautiful. 
Joy, radiant joy.
To experience happiness with people is a great gift.
I went to a Tim Hawkins and John Crist concert yesterday.
They're both Christian comedians.
They were very hilarious and it was a great time.
It really made me appreciate just a night of laughter.
Watching a crowd of strangers in a church laughing.
It's great.
And I think about the little times we get to laugh during the day.
When our friends say something funny and we give a chuckle.
Or when we bust a gut and can't breathe so hard we're laughing.
Laughter is a thing I am thankful for.


Car rides.
Not everybody likes car rides.
But sometimes I really enjoy a good, long car ride with a friend as you talk about things of middle school, mutual friends, abandoned hotels, and a neverending list of just whatever pops into your mind as the rain tip taps on the windows and the green and red traffic lights reflect off the pavement and onto the raindrops left on the window shield. 
Sure car rides can seem long.
But sometimes long is nice.
I've had a vacation car rides, and youth trip car rides, and day trip car rides, 
I've made many good memories in those cars.
Yes, I am thankful for car rides.

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