Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Catching Up

Nov. 13th

I am thankful for sleepovers.
On Friday, we had friends from out of state come and stay at our house.
Basically, all of my friends from the mission trip we went on, came over and we had a reunion.
We sang songs, ate smores, and prayed together.
It was a beautiful, edifying night.
And then all the girls from out of state had a gigantic sleepover.
It was nice getting to catch up with family.

Nov. 14th

I am thankful for children.
On Saturday, we did ministry work and put on our program for kids.
We stayed and played all day with them.
Singing songs, putting on a skit, teaching bible verses, and just loving on them like Christ would.
This small ministry is steadily growing and it has taken a deep place in my heart too.
After the program, we also worked on a skit we were putting on for the mission trip organization's SOS banquet.
Then we grabbed coffee and all got ready for the banquet.
The banquet was christmas themed and so pretty.
But more than that, it was edifying and great reminder that I needed to hear. 
I need to remember to go out unto the nations and proclaim what God has done.
Not just on here.
Not just say I want to.
But really, just always be spreading the Gospel through words and actions.
Without fear.


I am thankful for musicals.
Sunday I went to church with my friends and then went to IHop with them.
We had a great time altogether laughing and hanging out and eating cinnamon roll pancakes.
But unfortunately, during lunch, some of the out of state friends had to leave and goodbyes were said.
But thankfully, not too long after lunch,
I got to go see the Newsies with our El Salvadorian friend and my friend from school a long with my family.
It was a really awesome show and it was a really awesome time and I really awesome weekend.
After that, I had to depart and leave for school. 
But starbucks made the trek okay.

Nov. 16th

I am thankful for movie nights.
I got to hang out and sing a long to Frozen with some friends and it was a magical time.


I am thankful for God's love.
Because for today, some reason, I don't feel very loved.
Well, I guess, I just sometimes don't feel very loved at this school.
And I know some people do,
and some people don't,
but even if everyone didn't,
God's love is enough.
And I am thankful for it.
And I need to focus on that today.
He has blessed me with so much.
Especially, with this whole weekend.

As you can see from what I've written, my days kind of have been busy.
With the exception of yesterday, but yesterday I was catching up on z's.
So, I didn't get a chance to update on here.
But that is my update.
Words cannot describe how wonderful this past weekend was though.
I love my family.
My related and nonrelated family.
God is good, guys.
All the time.

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