Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hey There

So, I've missed a few days. 
I've been on vacation.
So, I'm going to kind of just make a big combo post of things I've done and am thankful for this past week.

 Early mornings.
 Mornings where the world is still sleeping and the air seems still.
But deep excitement is within you because you're awake and living and breathing and moving and headed to a destination.
And at 4 am you can look out your plane window and see the moon bright and full and the cities you're passing are just a bunch of tiny dots and you are on top of the sleeping world looking down upon them all and you're so small and so alive and the world is a vast endless sky.
And then the sun begin to rise and illuminate the world and alert them that they must awake and move and begin and join the early risers to see the day in a new light.
Orange, pink and yellow replaces the dark purple, grey and black with the specks of tiny colors stitched into it's clothing.

Cold Air and Fallen Leaves.
Shedding the early part of the year and prepping itself for a new one so near.
Saying goodbye to the constant green and taking on deep red, yellows, and oranges for but a breath,
before the colors are gone completely.
The cobble stone streets of Williamsburg where history is no longer in the past but brought before your eyes.
As you walk and find warm coffee to heat your throats and insides and see the shops all decorated for christmas and you hear the person playing christmas music on the flute as you pass lighted trees and an ice skating rink.

Museums filling your brains with facts you never knew,
and letting your imagination take you to what once was real,
and replicas and historic grounds.
Ships like the ones people sailed to America in.
Breakfast with Martha Washington.
Colonial dances to learn.
James River.
Jamestown and Yorktown.
Family time.
Coming home.

I needed a break and I had a good one.
I am thankful to God.
For getting to go to Virginia.
For spending time with my family.
For realizing how blessed I truly I am.
For coming home and appreciating my dogs.
My church family.

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