Sunday, November 29, 2015


With distracted eyes,
Come easy lies,
Come blurred directions,
In multiple sections,
of life.

We need to focus our eyes,
Actually get up and try,
To live a pleasing life to God,
Find a steady path to trod,
and glorify.

The Creator,
The Savior,
The Redeemer,
Who made life more,
The lamb,
Clothed in blood,
Turned rain into a flood,
Of grace,
washing us,
of love,
of trust,
My Lord,
My King,
My Friend,
My Everything,
The one who helps and holds,
Keeps us safe inside the fold,
While we were wandering,
with distracted eyes,
looking for lust,
looking for gold,
letting our hearts grow cold.
Cause we are looking in all the wrong places,
full of sin,
full of death.
Looking to Satan who wants to take away our life,
take away our breath.

Because our eyes didn't see...

How broken are we?
Oh, how broken are we?

You Oh Lord,
You save,
you heal,
You ache with us,
you feel what we feel,
even when we wander.
Even we we do not see.

You open our eyes,
and you forgive us each time.

Turn them back to You I pray,
 and keep them far away,
 from me.