Thursday, November 12, 2015


I'm thankful for the opportunity of learning and being able to go to school.
Sometimes I complain about the college I go to now because it's not as great as the one I used to go to.
I am just lucky to be able to go to a college at all and to have the opportunities I've had to learn and grow.
Today I got the opportunity to work with a green screen and to "clone" myself in Audio and Video production.
It was actual really neat.
I got to see two of myself shivering in the snow.
I am pretty privileged to be able to learn and work with such programs and equipment.
I am blessed to have someone qualified and knowledgeable who also wants us to learn and succeed.
I am thankful for learning, growing, and school.
I take it for granted sometimes.
But today, I am thankful for it.

(Other side blessings; buy one get one free starbucks coffee, pizza, walmart runs, joy coming from the Lord, open mic night, free hot chocolate and pumpkin muffins, secret santa name picking, a real good time spent with friends).

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