Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I have a cup of English Breakfast Tea, a good pair of socks, rain on windowpanes, The Cure playing softly through my laptop speakers, The Shattering ( which is a book ), some pictures caught in lenses, some words in my mouth and some words splattered on journals, some bloggin' and some inspiration. Today has been a good day. I was able to cradle little kids in my arms, pet soft fuzzy little kid hair, get attacked by little kids disguised as roaring lions and have seen so many smiles. Sometimes I feel like I should quit blogging. Because nobody seems to comment which makes me think noone reads them. But then I realize two things; 1. I quit too often. I've quit in the middle of stories. In the middle of journals. And, I want to change that. I'm not quitting. I'm going to keep writing and hope to inspire and encourage others still with pictures, words, and music. 2. Blogging is somewhat like therapy for me as I enjoy it and feel accomplished when i think ive done a good blog post. Anyways, enough of me talking.

 I like to imagine God saying that to us.

Forget two years. People seem to change so much within a day.

I wish all people could do this. I'm happy. But I want everyone to be happy too. If they could simply decide to be happy, that'd be wonderful. But some people can't.

Good thing love heals. Good thing forgiveness is given. Good thing we have a Savior than fixes our brokenness and helps us help others.

I really like positive thinking. Really, really.

                                                           Have a tea-riffic day!


  1. I've wanted to quit blogging sometimes, too, so I just take breaks. This was a really insightful post. VBS has been the most fun this week!

    1. Heehee thanks! :) I know, so much fun but so much exhaustion.