Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Such is life

So, I really felt the need to write about a few things that bother me regarding guys. I will tell you my pet peeves about guys in cases that have happened to me in the past.

1. I hate it when a guy goes after a girl based on their looks only. It may be flattering to know they think you're pretty, but really, it's personality that matters most. And you can't have a relationship based on looks, it just doesn't work out and it makes you shallow. I hate finding out people just liked me because they liked the way I look. Then when someone prettier comes along, they move to her instead and you feel like a disposable object. Girls are NOT objects.

2. I hate it when a guy goes after a girl because they are lonely. And they will take any girl that is interested in them. Or they think they may have a chance with. That will not work out either, guys, because it's not in Your timing, it's in God's timing. And again, taking whatever you can get derails the girl's importance and makes her feel like she isn't something special.

3. I hate it when a guy becomes your friend and then develops feelings for you and if you don't have quite the same feelings or are not ready for a relationship, then they move on to someone else and quit being your friend. That bugs me the most. Because its low. Real low. To stop being a person's friend because they don't like you back. Friendship is important to me and i don't discard it easily like other people might.

4. I hate it when you are best friends with someone and then you both develop feelings for each other but when it ends or doesn't work out, the person quits being your best friend and denies ever being your friend even when that person had promised to remain your best friend no matter what happens because that was the most important thing. Thats a blow.

These all are my pet peeves. They hurt. So, guys, I'm not hating. I know girls have their problems too. And i know this doesn't apply to all guys. However, these cases have occured to me from several different people and I just wanted to let you all know that it is hurtful. And you shouldn't do this.

On the positive side, there is always comfort from God when this happens or occurs knowing that these are just small bumps along the way until I find the right man that He has already picked out for me. And maybe dealing with these cases will make me appreciate my future husband all the more. I just can't wait for him. And a tip for girls, don't settle with those types of guys who make you feel belittled or like an object or not like you are worth the world. Because a guy should make you feel like that. The only thing that may be hard is not knowing these things until after happens. And that's what i don't like. Sometimes guys appear to be people they aren't and you don't see the real them until they have defriended you, left you or treated you badly. However, remember to keep your head high because there IS someone out there. You will find him one day. And it'll be so worth it. And he will treat you like the gem you are. You just have to keep pulling the weeds out before you come across him. Protect your hearts, and never think yourself as less because of some guy. You are better than that.

While you are waiting, also, don't forget the one who loves you the most. The one who thinks you are worth dying for. And did die for you. Not only this, but remember that anyone who does not love the one who died for you, isn't worth being with or loving. He is not capable of loving truely if he does not love the one who IS love.

                                                     Keep holding On,


  1. This whole post....GAH!! I love it! :) All the photos, insights, and the last blurb...I think I have a new favorite post.

    1. Gracias:) It was on my mind so i thought i should write it.

  2. Such lovely photo's :)

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