Monday, July 2, 2012


Someday I might eventually post Maine pictures. But maybe not. I'm really lazy and forgetful. It's going to be another blog full of photos that I adore. So, enjoy. :) And enjoy your life. And enjoy today. Because you deserve it. Your life deserves it. And today deserves it. Because tomorow might not get to be enjoyed. You never know. Don't take anything for granted. Please?

Someday? Someday what...?

Thats what your life is for.

Sometimes this can be satisfactory.

Life has a million different points of view. Try them out.

Is it really July already?

I can't wait for Christmas lights. I think everyone should have them up year round. It brightens up the world.

I love going for drives at nights and appreciating the moon.

This...looks SO comfortable. Plus, i've always wanted to lie down some place randomly.

18 is young, I keep having to remind myself that.

        Life is so beautiful.


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  1. I love when you do these kinds of posts :)